Jan 24 2012

When a government calls its own citizens enemies, they've lost the moral authority to govern

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The Harper Government has withdrawn Canada from the world’s only climate change treaty and wants to expand tar sand development. The Northern Gateway pipeline will facilitate the increase of tar sand emissions – whether from here or somewhere in Asia.

Did you know that PMHarper called Canadian citizens “radicals” for opposing further tar sand exploitation? He also called those in opposition the “enemies” of Canada – like WOW.

“When a government calls its own citizens enemies, you’ve lost your moral authority to govern.”

China has money to invest in toxic oil sand development so China is a friend to Canada but if Canadian citizens protest the Northern Gateway pipeline then Canadians are the enemy? Since when was money a ticket to citizenship privilege?

The Conservative Government represents all Canadians even those who oppose the full blown tar sands development. Stopping tar sand oil development would mean less emissions worldwide. What’s wrong with going easy on our use of oil? What’s the rush?

Alberta Tar Sands are the largest store of oil on our planet and full exploitation of that store means death to our planet. Game over for mankind here on our planet! Maybe it’s time to vent some grief, anger and tears over that thought? Losing our planet – losing a future for our grand kids – oops, sorry kids we just couldn’t stop the pipeline – couldn’t stop our addiction to oil.

Kill – Kill – Kill – Killing our planet and all humans will not be pleasant – Obviously, the Harper Government doesn’t see the demise of our planet as killing.

I need some time to think about that!

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