Jan 23 2012

glowing comments #NDPldr @nathancullen

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Some of today’s comments:

Nathan Cullen has an engaging personality.

In the House of Commons Nathan Cullen speaks with passion.

Nathan Cullen put motion to HOC to ban tankers on BC North Coast-it passed!

Nathan Cullen speaks French well enough to run a meeting.

Nathan Cullen wants to work with people in the other parties to oust the Conservatives.

Nathan Cullen is the only #NDPldr candidate to unseat a Conservative MP.

Nathan Cullen’s riding is in BC.

Nathan Cullen stands with First Nations who oppose Enbridge pipelines

Of all #NDPldr candidates Nathan Cullen gets the most quotes in mainstream media.

Nathan Cullen has a great sense of Humor.

People in the #OKShuswapNDP are aware of Nathan Cullen.

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