Jan 22 2012

OK Shuswap NDP – AGM – I'm a Director – WOW – thanks for your trust!

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Elected and re-elected:
President – Nick Hodge
Vice-president – Nikki Inouye
Financial agent – Zev Tiefenbach
Secretary – Steve Gunner

Directors at large:
Priscilla Judd
Ann Morris
Alice Brown
Janet McInnes
Ron Harries
Ian Shierbeck
Dave Richards
Richard Smiley
Past President – Howard Brown

I learned that the NDP has a local office and a phone number. You can call the office from 10:AM until 2:00 pm weekdays and it’s attached to a message machine so if you want to get in touch with the NDP – give us a call!

We had a great presentation from Bill Darnell, original crew member on the first Greenpeace voyage to Amchitka. Some of the protests photos looked a lot like Occupy…

It was a really fun meeting in Armstrong today. Dedicated people working for change – working for people and the environment. PM Harper might just call us “radicals” but if that what it takes to get into Ottawa and form government to run this country in a manner that leaves a planet for future generations – well – if need be – I think any one of us will wear that moniker with pride.

Chat on NDP candidates: all are suited for the job and the most support went to @NathanCullen – that suits me just fine!

Some of today’s comments:
Nathan Cullen has an engaging personality.

In the House of Commons Nathan Cullen speaks with passion.

Nathan Cullen put the motion on the floor to ban tankers on the North Coast – and it passed!

Nathan Cullen speaks french well enough to run a meeting.

Nathan Cullen wants to work with people in the other parties to oust the Conservatives.

Nathan Cullen is the only #NDPldr (NDP leadership) candidate to unseat a Conservative MP.

Nathan Cullen’s riding is in BC and Nathan Cullen stands with First Nations who oppose Enbridge pipelines.

Nathan Cullen is the Most quoted by mainstream media and Nathan Cullen has a great sense of Humor.

People in the Okanagan Shuswap are aware of Nathan Cullen.

In the next few days I’ll put links up!

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