Jan 22 2012

Marine Harvest pleads GUILTY has to pay $5,000 FINE and Don Staniford has to defend himself from Mainstream for drawing cigarette packages

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The best info on Marine Harvest’s Guilty plea is at Alexandra Morton’s blog: http://alexandramorton.typepad.com/alexandra_morton/2012/01/marine-harvest-pleads-guilty.html

There you will see that Alex thanked the Government’s lawyer who took over her private prosecution and won! These are big steps for Canada – big steps toward corporate accountability. They break the law they pay.

I’d like to see the Fish Farms investigated for cruelty to animals too (keeping Atlantic salmon in disgusting and unsanitary confinement) I sent the SPCA a letter but I never did get a reply.

And there’s more legal stuff going on right now – Don Staniford’s got himself a slap suit – Mainstream fish farm attacked Don because of his satirical artworks that used cigarette warnings as a model for salmon farms.  He designed fake cigarette packages decorated with salmon warnings…. So instead of tobacco warnings the pictures were flags and salmon. No, it wasn’t flattering but it was creative and satire isn’t supposed to be flattering.


For years, the tobacco companies said that smoking was healthy and just like that, the Fish Farm Industry claims everything is healthy but  – what do you know – the fish farms are not all healthy and that deserves some humorous jibe… Looks like freedom of expression is under attack too.

You know how the warnings go  –  farming cigarettes kill and that sort of thing. It was spoofy cartoon art that sent a loud message – at least that’s how I saw it – let’s face it.  They kill seals and wild salmon, deprive indigenous people of local food food, put pesticide in the farmed fish food and dye the salmon fish flesh so it looks like food… They spread disease and lice, destroy the ocean floor, use bleach which kills everything around the farms (at least that’s what the bleach in Chile did – maybe Canadian bleach is different)… It’s not easy to explain a cartoon but you can search them on Google

Contribute to Don Stanifords defense here:



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