Jan 18 2012

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Today, David Akin did his best to infuse some energy into the dying Liberal Party by supporting Bob Rae’s charge that NDP’s are “hypocrites on the dual citizenship issue”.

Mr.Akin inappropriately pumped up his readership quoting the late Jack Layton’s preference that a party leader hold “only Canadian citizenship”. Does Mr.Akin think the the arbiter of this leadership race is the personal opinion of it’s late leader? Did Jean Chretien take on Pierre Trudeau’s position after he became leader?  Does Bob Rae think exactly like his Liberal leader and by the way who is the Liberal leader Mr.Rae?  Liberals consistently vote with Conservatives on most of Stephen Harper’s bills – perhaps he’s your leader?

On the other hand, no one doubts the integrity of the NDP’s former leader and since he’s not here to defend himself or his party members, I suggest that David Akin and Bob Rae stop trying to ‘out’ people on their relationship with a deceased person.  The new NDP leader will not be a Jack Layton parrot, clone or imitator. No one wants that – no one expects it.

Nathan Cullen got some high praise from David Akin but it was lumped in with Bob Rae’s losing attack on the NDP with comments made by the late Jack Layton. That seems to detract from Akin’s praise of Nathan Cullen.  Of course it wasn’t Akin’s praise that scored any points with me, it was Nathan Cullen’s #QuotableQuote that made the blog Worth reading.

Born leader, clear thinker, diplomatic and respectful, Nathan Cullen knows what he thinks and says it clearly. Nathan Cullen is unwilling to attack his NDP competition and that speaks volumes in matters of leadership.

For the record here’s what Nathan said:

“I think it’s fine … We as a country allow people with dual citizenship to serve in our army and to sit on our benches as judges. And we don’t question their loyalty. I guess that’s what it comes down to, right? It’s a question of – is loyalty impacted? Is someone who runs for office or serves in the military or is on the judiciary, do we question their loyalty if they have dual citizenship? I don’t. I know Tom well. And I trust his belief and conviction. Anybody who stood up as strong as he did in defence of Canada in Quebec earns strong points from me personally.”

When Cullen was reminded that Jack Layton said: “I would prefer that the leader of a party hold only Canadian citizenship…”.  Cullen said:

“I’m me and Jack was Jack. We agreed on almost everything. I think on this one we disagreed. Just different views on the world. Perhaps it’s a generational thing. My generation coming up, we’re global citizens. As a young politician getting into office, it wasn’t a problem for me because many of my friends work abroad and hold different citizenships it didn’t matter for me. As long as they prove themselves in action, that’s what I’m looking for. Are you a proud Canadian and do you stand behind the flag? That’s all I’ve ever seen from Tom.”

Nathan Cullen is taken seriously by today’s youth and he has support from aging boomers who are tired of the same old – same old.  Nathan is the real contender for NDP leader and hopefully Canadians will vote him leader.  If we want the NDP to win the next Federal election remember this: Nathan Cullen is the only leadership candidate to unseated a Conservative MP.

You can hear the conversation between David Akin and Nathan Cullen here:

#QuoteCullen #NDPldr #Cdnpoli @nathancullen Nathan Cullen website

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