Jan 15 2012

If you don't want Enbridge you just might be a radical saboteur

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Last week, Harper’s Government tried to re-frame the Enbridge debate by questioning the legitimacy of environmental organizations who oppose the pipeline.

If you don’t want Enbridge you just might be a radical.

Dissenters have responded to the allegations by questioning the validity of a pipeline that risks Canadian interests to provide cheap oil to foreign countries.

The Harper Government has jeopardized the Independence of the Enbridge panel and that has placed the hearings under intense scrutiny. Of course we can’t know for sure what kind of evidence might be provided to endorse the pipeline but it doesn’t take much to make a quick guess:

ethical oil?
tanker traffic risk?
the Economy?
oil to power foreign nations?   current moratorium     Nathan Cullen NDP  motion to ban tankers passes Dec.2010

Let’s have a look at the consequence of a pipeline with millions of gallons of oil traveling through it.

Any Oil leak/spill into the environment is of no benefit to Canadians and Enbridge admits they have had spills before.

There will be tankers on the north coast – a dangerous place for navigation. Let’s not forget BP’s Horizon in the Gulf and the Exon Valdez in the Arctic. I recently learned that Enbridge isn’t liable for tanker spills – the Tanker’s insurance cuts off at $1,400,000 after that Canada picks up the tab (We – Canadian Citizens pay). BP’s Horizon disaster has cost billions so far and it’s not over yet. Where’s the economic advantage there?

Selling Canadian oil at a reduced price to foreign nations doesn’t keep scarce oil for future Canadian use. That’s like selling you father’s coin collection now when you know it’s value will double in 15 years.

What kind of economic benefit do Canadians expect if tax dollars subsidize Corporate stockholders? To me all subsidies represent a loss of tax dollars.  Does foreign investment help Canadians when investment profits leave the Country? Not much benefit there.

Do Canadians benefit by Corporate branding of Tar sands as “ethical oil”? That seems like another colossal embarrassment.

The only benefit Enbridge seems offer Canadians is a few jobs – so why not let them build a pipeline and ban the transport of oil inside those pipeline. Stupid right?

Well if you watched the movie “Let’s Make Money” you will see millions of elite housing project built along the Spanish Coast with golf courses and swimming pools and all the ‘mod cons’. Every single one of them EMPTY! Why?

The empty housing units are the result of investments made by investment bankers. Pension funds, Hedge Funds replete with every conceivable rip off scheme. No wonder the people of Spain are in revolt. The Government is on the hook for keeping everything green. You guessed it billions of gallons of water maintaining a million empty house parking lots with green green grass on empty golf courses.

Check it out yourself search empty houses in Spain and look at the images… Well it’s not likely that Enbridge would build a pipeline and leave it empty for long, if not oil it’s likely to be water.


  1. Davood Hershw

    You had no right to treat me the way you did. If you are having problems with your computer, it isn’t my fault. I am not a spammer. I did send you a petition from Avaaz.org. to sign against Enbridge, that is all, spammers don’t spam their own e-mail lists I will not send tweets out for you to RT, you do not deserve them.

    I am still the good respectable person before I met you, and your condescending remarks are a good reason for me to flee. I wanted to tell you these things, not to hurt, but to make clear the importance of communication even if it is one sided. .



    1. admin

      I am sorry I upset you. I didn’t think you were spamming – I didn’t say you were spamming – I suggested that your COMPUTER may be sending out spams. I have tried to send you messages. But you blocked me on Twitter. Again I apologize if I hurt your feelings. Someone sent me a virus and I had to have my hard drive wiped clean. I asked you to have a geek look at your computer because people with those bugs don’t always know when they have them.


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