Dec 19 2011

GE SALMON – test positive for ISA Virus

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As I suspected, in my earlier post, Aquabounty(TM) GE Salmon have tested positive for ISA virus.

Canadian Cover-Up on Infectious Salmon Virus – Exclusive Documents Online Now!

“GE fish subject of U.S. congressional hearing” (Seafood Source, 15th December): http://www.seafoodsource.com/newsarticledetail.aspx?id=13309

“AquaBounty CEO to testify before U.S. Senate subcommittee” (Intrafish, 15th December): http://www.intrafish.com/global/news/article1263011.ece

In case you haven’t seen this:
The precautionary principle is often applied to biological fields because changes cannot be easily contained and have the potential of being global.
or this:

The Biosafety Protocol makes clear that products from new technologies must be based on the precautionary principle and allow developing nations to balance public health against economic benefits. It will for example let countries ban imports of a living modified organism if they feel there is not enough scientific evidence that the product is safe and requires exporters to label shipments containing genetically altered commodities such as corn or cotton.

Or GE Salmon???

The interesting thing about RISKY GE technology is that it creates confusion – did the virus come from the East Coast infection or the West Coast infection? In my opinion, GE Salmon is a threat to global food security as expressed above and affirmed in the EU declaration.

It’s creepy US, Canada and Australia have opposed the Precautionary Principle at World Trade Organisation (WTO) see this PDF: http://archive.greenpeace.org/earthsummit/docs/blame_summary.pdf

More on West Coast Salmon Virus – Alexandra Morton at the Cohen Commission:

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  1. Priscilla

    The shores of malfeasance
    Editorial, Courier-Islander
    Published: Friday, December 16, 2011


    …a DFO with 200 fewer scientists won’t be able to handle it. Maybe, this will be DFO’s escape clause.


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