May 02 2010

contact from Norway

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Today I received the following note from Odveig Stavnes in Norway where fish farms have also depleted wild salmon stocks. Most of the salmon farms along the BC coast are owned by Norwegian Companies.

From Odvieg:
Salmon produced for the “heath food” chain “Life” (brand)
When became salmon less nutritious?
10 % less omega 3 over the last 10 years.

Once upon a time there was wild salmon jumping and playing in the sea and rivers, also taking long travels in the big oceans. Salmon could choose food from the big “food-store” in sea, and became fat , and with a nice red colour in the meat, from goodies like shrimps etc. Salmon used to be a predator, not a plant eater. Today, salmon farming is an industry, where salmon are kept in nets, fighting for it’s space.

Food for farm salmon is about 2.5 kg wild fish for each 1 kg salmon produced.
Colour is artificial, (dyed) so salmon will not look pale in the store. Salmon also are fed with beans, peas, soya-beans, wheat, and plant oils, and nowadays is more like a swimming vegetable.

Nine of ten farm salmon have a “fat-heart”, and every fifth salmon gets a mysterious virus disease. It is hard to tell when salmon no longer are salmon, but more than 50 % of salmons healthy omega 3 is taken away from it.

Farm salmon is also given antibiotics, and poison against sea-lice etc.

Manipulating with Mother Earth is a great risk, sooner or later problems occur.


I hope my readers will write to the Life Brand Company and protest the farming of fish in open net pens. Along with everything else, we cannot justify the larger consumption of natural fish for a smaller production of farmed fish. It does not make sense – vote with our dollar and sign on the Internet.
petitions on two websites:
salmon are sacred
our global ocean

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