Dec 04 2011

Nathan Cullen gave the most quotable "quote" in today's leadership debate

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According to Joan Bryden of the Canadian Press:

B.C. MP Nathan Cullen’s easy humour and relaxed demeanour may have some New Democrats taking him more seriously. He joked at one point about being “in violent agreement” with his rival candidates and took a humorous poke at the Harper government’s record on affordable housing.

“A government that believes that a national housing strategy is to build more prisons is a government that’s out of touch and perhaps out of its mind,” Cullen said.

And that’s not all – Google search has 8 pages of stories that ran Nathan Cullen’s quote!

So good for you Nathan Cullen – not afraid to oppose the Harper Government’s big prison housing push (the omnibus crime bill) and comfortable enough with yourself and your peers to poke a bit of fun at the situation.

In my opinion, (not having seen the debateĀ  – like the majority of Canadians who can’t get CPAC livestream) – it appears by your your quotable comment – that you – Nathan Cullen – won the most media attention in the leadership debate today!

Congratulations Nathan Cullen!

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