Dec 03 2011

Nathan Cullen NDP Leadership Candidate on Energy

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As leader of Canada’s New Democrats, a key priority for Nathan will be helping Canada prosper from newer, cleaner technologies. While our economy is currently over-reliant on fossil fuels, this will, and must change, within the lifetime of our children, our homes, businesses and transport will be powered differently.

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As Prime Minister, Nathan Cullen would:

End the massive subsidies and environmental free-ride the oil and gas industries currently enjoy. Specifically, by:

  • Eliminating perverse subsidies for the oil and gas sector, including tax incentives which give them an unfair advantage against cleaner energy solutions.
  • Make industry respect our communities, land, water and air through robust environmental regulations and an increased voice for local communities.
  • Redirect subsidies and incentives currently given to fossil fuels to renewable energy, to help position Canada for long-term energy and environmental competitiveness.

Nathan Cullen has recognized that the pace of growth in the oil sands has outstripped our ability to assess their impact on water, land and air, and as Prime Minister, Nathan Cullen will not allowing new oil sands projects to proceed until science-based limits on environmental impacts are in place, particularly for greenhouse gas emissions.


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