Nov 29 2011

Love or hate their policy – it doesn't matter – Harper's Government measures success by getting attention – at any cost

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Washington State University – the Conservatives measure success of their legislation by the attention they get – good or bad does not matter. What does that say to the legitimacy of the Omnibus Crime Bill c-10?

Harper’s former chief of staff, Ian Brodie is quoted:

Every time we proposed amendments to the Criminal Code, sociologists, criminologists, defence lawyers, and Liberals attacked the Conservatives for proposing measures that the evidence apparently showed did not work.

That was a good thing for us politically… Politically it helped us tremendously to be attacked by this coalition of university types.

Canadians must now realize, choices made through elections (and electoral systems) have consequences. The harm the Harper government is set to inflict on Canadian citizens, taxpayers, and communities is nothing less than criminal.

Contact your MP, read the Canadian Bar Association submission on the omnibus bill, and discuss via Facebook.

Huffinghton Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/johannes-wheeldon-phd/omnibus-crime-bill_b_1112080.html?ref=canada



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