Nov 29 2011

Johannes Wheeldon, Ph.D: Omnibus Crime Bill Ensures Justice For None

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The federal government of Canada is set to institute the broadest, most regressive, costly, and ineffective criminal justice policies in this country’s history.

If you have kids and Grand kids you need to know that Canada intends to lock up our youth.

For juveniles in conflict with the law, increasing the punitiveness of Canada’s once internationally-renowned restorative youth justice system will create more career criminals. It will undermine the very community supports and responses needed to invest in our youth and rebuild lives.

For young adults, mandating incarceration for minor, non-violent offences could increase the number of those in prison and reinforce the very criminal behaviour that caused the harm in the first place. Despite the good work of many correctional professionals, Bill C-10 will increase enrolment in prisons — sometimes known as universities of crime. This could turn adolescent offenders, who might otherwise abstain from a life of crime, into persistent criminals. We will all pay the price for this foolishness.

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