Nov 25 2011

The Ominous Omnibus Crime Bill

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A big Thank You to people across Canada who stood for justice today. To supporters in Vernon: it was a job well done! and Everyone, who couldn’t join us – we know you oppose big prisons.

First we gathered outside the Conservative Office of MP Colin Mayes befoere we delivered the Leadnow.ca petition.It was signed by more than 20,000 people. From the Canadian Bar Association, we delivered a 10 point objection to the Omnibus Crime Bill.  We called out a chorus of NO! c-10, waved our signs and marched to the Court House. People waved back and honked their horns!

LumbyParticipatesInNationalCampaignAgainstBill-C10 from Spruce one on Vimeo.

Congratulations everyone! We had public support in Vernon.

Texans warned the Harper Government not to lock up large numbers of people because it doesn’t reduce crime but the Harper Government has decided to push on in spite of all that concern. That’s what apathy looks like!

Does the Harper Government care about community? With riot squads to attack G8 and G20 dissenters and prisons for the disenfranchised?  That’s not what democracy looks like! The Harper Government represents corporate interest with P3 contracts and cruel punishment for the addicted and mentally ill.

Thousands and thousands of people in Canada understand what’s happening here.  It is exactly clear. It’s military bravado and we don’t want it.

Stephen Harper Justice inspires fear of Government, fear of the law and fear for community safety. For the Youth of Canada, Bill c-10 can result in lengthy periods of incarceration if caught sharing pot cigarettes. (And a life sentence criminal record!) Surely, smoking a pot cigarette doesn’t merit a life sentence.

Mandatory sentencing, restricted visitations, longer wait times for a pardon application is all cruel punishment. Bill C-10 does not reduce crime!

As to the economics of Big Prison politics – the American experience proves that heavy handed jail systems lead to bankruptcy. Sooner or later, the cost of this draconian legislation will become clear. Sooner or later Canadians will sign more petitions.  It is clear now – it will be clear tomorrow, Canadians reject Bill c-10.

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