Nov 19 2011

Occupy Your Ballot – today is voting day! UPDATE

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[warning]I just went into the Village Office to cast my ballot for School Trustee and discovered that Area D voters – vote at the Crossroads School[/warning]

[notice]It looks like it might be a good turnout. There’s a line up of Voters at the Village Office![/notice]

Like many other people I am hoping a lot of Village residents get out to vote! [warning]Lumby Villagers Cast your ballot at the Village Office.  [/warning]

[important]Jo Ann Fisher – a great Choice for Councillor – Jo Ann is honest and she will stand by her word.[/important]

[important]For a New Vision for Lumby vote Jim McEwan for Mayor.[/important]

In Area D & E – we are not allowed to vote for Mayor or Council even though we are the reason why Lumby Village became a Village. You may not know the history of Area D and Area E – what makes us feel like we are stakeholders in Village development. So –  I’ve posted some of Cheryl’s Altwaser’s letter from My Valley Sun:

Defending Rural Lumby and Outlying Areas

Possibly some of the newer residents of Lumby are not aware of how significant Rural Lumby is in supporting the Village.  If it wasn’t for many of the people living in what a few Lumby residents have begun to call the “Rural Area”, Lumby would never have become the successful little village we all call home.

Lumby is considered a “Rural Community” surrounded by “Areas D and E”, which includes Whitevale, Mabel Lake, Creighton Valley, Trinity Valley, Cherryville, Sugar Lake etc.

The North Okanagan Regional District (NORD) represents Areas D and E, the rural area of Lumby, and is instrumental in financially supporting parks and recreational facilities, the library and our two schools within the village.  Only 25% of our students in our schools live right in Lumby, 75% come from the rural areas.  Also 61% of the Lumby’s budget is funded through NORD (rural areas D and E).  It was noted at the Forum, Kevin Acton stated, that he had ‘secured $600,000.00 toward renovating the pool, arena, and curling rink.’ A portion of the money is coming from NORD and the remainder through a Provincial Grant  I believe called “Towns for Tomorrow, council applied for.

If NORD (rural Areas D & E) was taken out of the equation, where would the Village of Lumby be? 

[important]Area D and Area E candidates for School Board are: Mitzi Fortin and Doris Squair[/important] [warning]Area D voters – cast your ballot at the Crossroads School (next to the Dollar Store) [/warning]

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