Nov 01 2011

OCCUPY – the Open-Source people's reaction to corporate destruction

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Occupy is making waves – democracy is taking root in Greece. Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is  balking at the prospect of taking the EU “Bail Out” in exchange for civilian pensions, austerity measure, job losses and the implosion of social safety nets. he said it’s:

“a supreme act of democracy and of patriotism for the people to make their own decision.”

By the time the international stock markets are done with their bail outs there will be no wages to pay anyone living in Greece. Wow Europe is heading to 3rd world slavery to prop up the Corporate economy. As Stock Markets fall – let them fall. We have to stop this system – if that’s what it takes to save the planet – then let it fall – let’s stop the gambling by big fat corporations that run our governments.

Sure there was a violent protest – that’s what happens in a dictatorship.

Democracy has purportedly bestowed freedom of expression to people here in Canada but don’t hold your breath –  we are seeing measured protest while CBC wants to know what it’s all about.  Q is now part of the status quo – no daily update on the changing political landscape. Good rant on baseball today – historically sports was championed in the face of dictators – Olympic games etc. Comfort is a thorn that blinds our youthful activists. Not till a grandchild is on the way do they see the right of protesting wrong.

Thankfully, Vancouver’s Mayor is not opposed to freedom of expression and Vancouver’s Police Chief wants to OCCUPY the Court before he orders violence against peaceful protesters. THAT IS A WIN FOR OPEN-SOURCE DEMOCRACY – THE RULE OF LAW one ONE BIG ISSUE that the OCCUPY protest brings to CANADA.

Chu said he’s been closely following developments in Canadian and U.S. cities. He said if council decides police should move in, he would rather council get a court order first before asking police to act.”Our goal in the police department is to help facilitate lawful protest. We’re seeing ourselves as peace officers.” CTV.ca

Thank You  – Mr Jim Chu – Police Chief – Vancouver

Where is the rule of Law? Where is accountability? When will the non breathing Corporate “person” be held to account?  The walking dead – the Zombies that take all without heed to consequence? Put the corporation in prison and see how it fares. Strike up a trial for killing our planet – for choosing nuclear power over sustainable solar – for mining and pollution,, pipeline spills – heck! we can put a person in jail just for risking human life by speeding in a car – we should be able to put a Corporation in jail for risking people’s lives by speeding through the forest causing death to the rivers and loss of clean drinking water.

Yes, the Vancouver protest is disturbing traffic and disturbed people honk and jeer! The honkers are not used to tripping over people who live in tents – the protestors – the homeless – so go ahead and honk – the OCCUPY people will not be moved until faith in our system is restored.

No – there is no one single grievance –  no one single solution – each person has become the commodity owned by the corporate takeover. Each battle will be won slowly by protest in small steps. People who OCCUPY protest come together as a group. No leader wanted – no leader needed! This movement is Open-Sourced – it will only grow stronger.

Hear the distrust and upset – our Province stole the commons to give  to the wealthy elite.  That’s not a new thing. Remember BRIC Shares? Every citizen in BC was given 5 Free BRIC Shares in something they already owned. A Brilliant giveaway by Bill Bennet – those BRICs paved the foundation for BC corporate stock market corruption.

So, don’t think OCCUPY doesn’t involve BC – Fish farms have expropriated our ocean shorelines. Oil tankers travel in and out of Vancouver. Remember the fast ferry give away by the Campbell Government? The so called sale of BC Rail? (occupy the Court – let’s have an investigation!) The million dollar salary for BC Ferry CEO (even though a ferry sank under his watch). BONUS payoffs to BC Hydro execs when they put bills into a deferred payment account. How about the management of BC Public Buildings (including prisons) to Brookfield Management?   And the worst of it is the BCGEU  pension fund – now under the control of Brookfield Management, Zucotti Park NY- the very place where Occupy Wall Street set up camp.

Yes, this is an Open-Source Movement – with cell phones and video and livestream TV- MSM can ignore the protest but the global population have rejected Corporatocracy that consumes our planet, steals our wealth seeking to occupy our human life blood.

We are not a corporate commodity.  We will not be occupied.


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