Oct 30 2011

Betty on Occupy BC Supreme Court waiting for Texas to execute the first Corporation

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Why turn Occupiers attention to BC Supreme Court? Because this is where citizens are routinely divested of their rights to public property and given over to corporations who through their lawyers maintain that the corporations, too, are persons. I saw a sign in Zuccotti Park on the internet that read: “I’ll believe corporations are persons when Texas executes one”.

According to Betty, who spent time in jail for protesting logging old growth forests –  court decisions held that corporations were actually persons, so a dispute between real people seeking to protect their public forests versus voracious logging companies bent on clear cutting was seen as a dispute between two persons.

In Betty’s experience, the BC Supreme Court had already given the logging corporation an injunction which gave the Logging Corp. more person rights than human citizens.

That reminds me Kevin Falcon’s position at the West Van Eagle Bluff’s protest – he mourned that fact that BC wasn’t like China where the Government didn’t have to ask the people if they could build a road – the Chinese just go out and build them…

Welcome to BC where a Municipal Governments can adopt a bylaw from a foreign jurisdiction. China North coming soon? I just want to say that I had the DISpleasure of traveling that 4 lane highway that funneled the Liberal/Conservative friends to the Olympic games  All those beautiful trees gone… I drove for 15 minutes and saw 6 cars. Below me was the old highway still useable… Meanwhile on the other side of Vancouver – the main access to Vancouver is in various stages of disrepair/upgrades with thousand and thousands of cars going slow slow slow etting off more emissions…

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