Oct 21 2011

Looking for Atlantic Salmon ISA virus? What about GE fish genes and eggs in West Vancouver?

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Corrected, Revised and Updated.

There’s a couple of news articles on the ISA fish virus: on the Internet (links at the bottom of this post)  It’s alleged that the IAS virus might be coming from fish farm eggs… well if that is the case – could it also be in the GE salmon eggs in Vest Vancouver?

“…take that gene and remove that regulatory portion of the normal growth hormone gene and replace it with a dumb regulator that just keeps cranking out growth hormone all the time and from many different tissues”

The North Shore News article says the research is done for Aquabounty: – Go to  Aquabounty website and click on Fsh Eggs it says:

 Fish/Egg Facts

How are AquAdvantage® Salmon different from other Atlantic salmon?
AquAdvantage® Salmon include a gene from the Chinook salmon, which provides the fish with the potential to grow to market size in half the time of conventional salmon. In all other respects, AquAdvantage® Salmon are identical to other Atlantic salmon.

My point is that the when the altered gene comes out of the Chinook it has to be put into the Atlantic Salmon eggs. (Is it still a Chinook gene if it’s been altered?)  Do they ship the Chinook genes across the country to PEI  or do they ship the Atlantic Salmon eggs to West Van and make the change here?  What we know for sure is that there is an exchange going on and Aquabounty salmon are Atlantic Salmon and Atlantic salmon eggs get shipped to BC (to salmon farms that need testing) so however Aquabounty does it this interaction needs to be tested for ISA virus because the altered Chinook genes are part of the patented claim for the Genetically Engineered Atlantic salmon.

The North Shore News article says that the fish are in tanks (in West Van) but is the tank water released into the coastal water? Are those tanks on or over the water? Do they recycle the waste water or release it straight into the ocean?

So if the ISA virus is in salmon in BC rivers maybe the GE Fish Operation that’s only a “few short hops from … the Capilano River” ought to be tested just like the Fish Farms.

Whatever it is the GE fish development needs to come to the attention of the public and be tested for the Virus just like the Fish Farms.

ISA is not the only Virus in BC Salmon –  read a letter from DFO (2010) on this blog:

“Sockeye sampled from Nadina River in late September tested positive for infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV). IHNV has been reported in post-spawned fish in the Nadina River sporadically since 1986. ”

Read the North Shore News http://www.nsnews.com/health/science+bigger+salmon/4502286/story.html#ixzz1bST1yg6j



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