Oct 18 2011

ISA Virus in BC Salmon

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 Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 23:30 (GMT + 9) Scientists have found a deadly virus common to salmon farms on wild sockeye salmon off British Columbia’s (BC) central coast. The disease is infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) and it was detected in two of 48 sockeye smolts tested recently, stated Simon Fraser University (SFU) fishery statistician Rick Routledge. To continue reading click here

Chile researchers have examined existing studies on the social and environmental impacts of salmon farming and found the industry was a net loser for the environment, artisanal fishing communities, and eco-tourism.

…add[ing] up the numbers they see high costs and few benefits in salmon farming. “The only competitive advantage in the Chilean salmon industry is that they don’t include environmental or social costs in their numbers. And they are doing the same math here in Magallanes.”


BC Sockeye Salmon

BC Sockeye Salmon


It’s not just BC that complaints are made about fish farms – check out the East Coast.


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