Oct 16 2011

Food for Thought – Occupy the Landscape – Body and Spirit Nourishment

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Let’s face it – Canadian Municipalities and Regional Districts in BC do not reflect the human situation in matters of FOOD. Communities have lost control of their neighborhoods. Development is imposed on the unwilling public and food growing areas are exploited for the corporate agenda. From poisoned water, polluted soil, contaminated air in the release of carbon we allow ourselves to believe that what we place on the dinner table is food.   Those who control the food system – control the planet.

I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011 www.blogactionday.org

We fill our bodies with products that were invented to increase the wealth of large corporate interests. Can all those packaged items of the big box store be considered nourishment in our diet on a small planet? Is it any wonder we fear the demise of our Canadian public medical system?

You might think that climate change is the biggest threat to food security – (It’s convenient for media to promote that) but by in large – global factory food production and international trade creates a higher release of carbon (fossil fuel consumption) causing climate change than local organic food production.

Rather than reduce dependence on imports that add tons and tons of carbon to our air, Governments will tax you for your personal release of carbon – travel taxes (to purchase import food) sewage tax, water tax, heating tax, house insulation tax, etc… With globalization, import and export dollars are more important to Global Governments than feeding people and slowing climate change.

No matter how many so called “sustainable” community plans – Official Community Plans, long-range plans, smart growth initiatives, community improvement plans and local action plans – the issue of food security and human nourishment is mired in community conflict. Municipal Governments have been given the power to do anything they believe to be the “best” interest of community (and that usually means economic interest).

Local governments have the power to support Corporate Control of local and global food systems and they use that power in an arbitrary fashion. Look at Compassion Farm in Lantzville on Vancouver Island where high quality local vegetables are being produced and sold at the local farmer’s market. This is not factory food – consumers are not paying dividends to corporate investors who trade shares on the stock exchange.

Compassion Farm - organic vegetables

Compassion Farm - organic vegetables

Compassion Farm is not adding tons of carbon to our air. This is one small family farm supporting themselves and feeding their community. Compassion Farm is the model for food security BUT these same local organic farmers are threatened with jail time by Lantzville Council for growing vegetables!

Lantzville Council makes arbitrary decisions on land use – the zoning is rural residential so having horses is allowed and operating a small business is also allowed – So what the heck is the reason to stop the production of high quality food for local people? (Check out Compassion Farm)

In Lantzville, a manure pile on Compassion Farm is no different to a manure pile on the horse owner’s property. Horses are ongoing manure makers. Small business is a permitted use and all rural property have plants so Lantzville Council’s oppression does not arise from the growing of plants. So is this a Provincial matter?

BC has the “Right to Farm” Act that purportedly protects local farmers however, Farm Board decisions are allowed to be arbitrary and most of farms that receive protection use pesticide or produce nuisance so outrageous that complaining neighbors become the topic of the Board’s Inquiry in order to justify the Rights of Farm nuisance. “Right to Farm” is not about farming – it’s about protecting Agribiz. Urban sprawl, deliberately separates humans from the production of factory food and Municipal Governments intend to keep it that way. You must never know how factory food is produced or you would stand up and demand change.

You must never know how to grow food yourself or how to nourish your family, because that would threaten the profits of export markets.  In fact, Municipal Councils empowered by the Province and the Federal Government to safeguard corporate control of this planet.

Here are a few more examples: Fish Farms are allowed to dump their fish manure straight into the ocean – pollute the wild fish environment. Farmed fish competition is wild fish! When wild fish become extinct (as with the Atlantic Cod) who benefits? Fish Farm Corporations.

GMO fish are being raised in BC and they are being released into BC Water without your knowledge. Who benefits? the Research Corporations and patent holders and their investors. Check this out here

GMO Crops threaten the viability of organic farming – who benefits? Monsanto and the pesticide corporations.

Local egg producers cannot sell their free range eggs! Who benefits? The large chicken barns – with the perfect environment for Bird Flu epidemics. Compensation for Avian Flu comes from our tax dollars.

Government meat regulations do not support subsistence farmers.  Meat producers are forced to raise calfs for feed lots. Meat slaughter regulation is designed to feed the big meat slaughter house when we know that it’s the large meat production facilities that harbor disease and bacteria. That it’s the large operations that end up with Mad Cow or Hoof and Mouth disease.

For years, local farmers relied on the sale of one or two cattle to supplement their income. That has been made illegal by our governments and it’s time to get those rules changed.

Sustainable food systems are collaborative networks that integrate the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food and waste management. They aim to enhance the environmental, economic, and social health of a community. More importantly local food systems create community. Food is more than a commodity – food is the spirit of life so Occupy the Landscape and support your local food producer– Be the local food producer because the biggest threat to food security is globalization where “food” is treated as a “commodity”.

Jeffrey Smith’s forthcoming book, Genetic Roulette, documents more than 60 health risks of GM foods in easy-to-read two-page spreads, and demonstrates how current safety assessments are not competent to protect consumers from the dangers. His previous book, Seeds of Deception (www.seedsofdeception.com), is the world’s best-selling book on the subject. He is available for media at info@seedsofdeception.com. Dr. Kirk Azevedo has a chiropractic office in Cambria, California. Press may reach him at (805) 927-1055 or at drkirk@charter.net.

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  1. Teresa

    The difference in how small, independent farmers are treated and how agribusiness is treated, is discouraging. We’d all be so much better off, and healthier, too, if these regulations weren’t applied so unfairly.


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