Oct 11 2011

Profoundly bad idea to eat any seafood or sea vegetables from Japan for the next 24,000 years, (at least)

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First they said it’s just a small explosion – that radiation was not too high – I remember saying wow – “we have higher background radiation in Lumby than Japan”. Worldwide, knowledgeable people said the accident in Japan was worse than Chernobyl but those who said the radiation was high were accused of causing panic and they tried to stop people from measuring the radiation. Now they have admitted they made a mistake – radiation was 10 to100 times higher than reported to the public!

Now – we learn that plutonium is found in high levels 245 km away from Fukushima – in Yokohama.

That means “strontium 90 is already all around in Tokyo area”

That means that many people have been poisoned by a power provider, a corporation that can’t stop a mega meltdown. There are hundreds of Nuclear plants, all over the planet. Not one is safe!  Our planet is suffering from a meltdown of social order, global capitalism is killing our communities and the human people who inhabit this Earth want corporations to stop their pursuit of profit at the expense of our future.

We are the 99% and we occupy this planet – we want the governments of this world to take note – take care of this planet first – so there will be a planet that supports human life.

Is Canada still importing food from Japan?

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