Apr 24 2010

Cohen Commission submission

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Submission 0024-KRAUSE
Claims that sea lice from salmon farms cause high mortality among wild juvenile salmon or that farmed salmon contain harmful levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are false. The widely-cited studies making these claims contain serious flaws, and were funded by organizations that have been paid to promote the consumption of wild salmon.


My comment:
Date Created: April 23, 2010

The Fish Farms use pesticide to kill the sea lice, which means that fish farms perceive sea lice as a problem. Fish Farms don’t want the sea lice because sea lice are a pest. With 9 million missing sockeye salmon why defend the lowly seal lice?

In what ever capacity (large or small) sea lice are a problem for salmon. By getting fish farm sea lice out of the ocean into closed containment systems – that is one less threat to wild salmon. Since it is humanly possible to get the farms out of the ocean, that is what ought to be done. ASAP.

Seven wild salmon returned to spawn in the Bessette River last fall – our salmon are called “endangered” – By reducing sea lice in the ocean it may help a few more wild salmon return next year.

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