Oct 09 2011

Laila Yuile – reasons to Occupy Vancouver

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Laila Yuile says:

Join your fellow British Columbians, from all walks of life, all income levels and political leanings, as we stand together in solidarity with those around the world who have had enough.

If you are a regular reader of Laila’s blog – you know that she works tirelessly to expose the BC Liberal’s Corporate interest in extracting wealth from people in BC. The Liberals give Private Corporations big contracts to build big prisons and hospitals without beds – Access to raw logs, mines that destroy the environment, overcrowded classrooms, funding cuts to education, high university tuition and they bring in Chinese workers for the mines and Mexican workers for the farms.   Does that build healthy community?

If you thought there was no reason to stand up for your family and your community – here are a few local reasons to Occupy Vancouver:

Our Governments enable:

  • Corporate Fish Farms to occupy our ocean water- pollute the lungs of our planet.
  • BC Ferries – rates so high that locals can’t afford to travel and tourists are staying home while BC Ferries CEO is paid millions.
  • Farm Gate sales are not allowed here. We need local food security.
  • Candu Reactors slowly release radiation into our environment (Canada’s Nuclear Industry is now privately operated)
  • Tar Sands – the biggest man made disaster in the world – creating climate change that is killing our oceans (the lungs of our planet)
  • Oil pipelines that will leak – oil tankers on our coast that will have an accident
  • .Minimum wage is not a living wage.
  • People pay a greater percent of their income in taxes than corporations
  • Pesticide Corporations help fund the PMRA – How safe is that?
  • Credit card debt is high because of outrageous interest rates.
  • Canada’s Governments used to be able to borrow money interest free from the Bank of Canada – now Canada’s Governments borrow from the Commercial Banks and that’s why Canada has debt.
  • Conservatives and Liberals complain that Canada can’t afford our medical system. Canada can afford to pay for medical care.
  • Canadian governments spend more time flying around the world meeting with unelected people than working in Parliament and Provincial Legislatures.
  • The Fraser Institute determines what our children learn in School. (The Fraser Institute is a Corporate Think Tank that supports the lowest wage possible and fewest benefits to workers)

Are you part of the 99% –  Part of the Government’s race to lower wages so you can compete with Chinese workers? Send your story to Laila Yuile – she’ll putting your message on her blog

If you thought there was no reason to stand in solidarity with people around the world – go to Laila’s blog and watch the video.


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