Apr 19 2010

Marching for the Commons

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This is something I’ve been working on – it’s a marching song for the get out migration, for petropolis and for everything that serves to consume and deplete our planet at the expense of future generations.
I have heard there is no planet B – we can’t just leave our mess and move.

In writing this, I borrowed heavily from the poem “Bread and Roses” and I hope you can sing it to that tune as well. (click the song title to hear my mp3 recording)

Marching for the Commons

As we go marching marching in the beauty of the day,
a thousand hilltops barren, ten thousand rivers gray
all touched with brighter radiance that a sudden sun discloses
for this we march out singing, for the land and for the oceans

As we go marching marching, unnumbered species gone
crying through our singing, a haunting silent song
from bees to larger creatures, our landscape changing knew
for this we all come marching and we march for oceans too

As we come marching marching, we battle too for men
for women and their their children that they may birth again
for in the here and after, as the earth in black reposes,
one planet is what matters give us bread but give us roses

As we go marching marching we bring the better day
the greening of our planet, that we may live with grace
no more the blind consumption of resources in our commons
but a sharing of life’s glory, save our land and save our ocean

Priscilla Judd
April 2010

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  1. John Collier

    Hey! That has a nice rhythm and rhymes. I really like the content. Go for it!


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