Sep 17 2011

How Does it feel to be Co-opted?

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I just read this:

“The Brookfield investors for the Chilean project include a B.C. government owned Crown corporation that invests money on behalf of every nurse, post-secondary instructor, and municipal and provincial employee, as well as firefighters, police officers, transit operators, and ICBC and BC Hydro workers. In other words, the pension funds of most public-sector workers in BC are backing a company that is–in the words of its critics–involved in the destruction of one of the planet’s greatest environmental treasures.”

When did the people of BC consent to Government by Corporate interest? The BC Liberals have taken what belonged to the workers of BC – (their pension funds) and given them to a private corporation without regard to the use of those funds.

The unions are not sharholders in this corporation and the citizens themselves are likely without a voice on the actions of their new pension managers.

The Liberals have ensured that many Citizens of BC are now a party to any despicable self serving corporate action in Brookfield’s pursuit of profit.  How does it feel to be silent partners in any ongoing or future Corporate Crime that may be committed?  Brookfield’s Energy Project –  HidroAysen dam, Chile, South America is not welcome in South America. Chile’s citizens are protesting to stop the Dam’s massive destruction to their country.

BC citizen’s are not shareholders in this corporation and without say in the corporate use of their pension funds in what is claimed to be an:

“approval process [that] was not done according to law, was tainted by conflicts of interest among regional officials, and violates constitutional provisions.”


“On Tuesday HidroAysén attorneys Mario Galindo and Raúl Tavolari argued that the power project is in full compliance with all the government’s norms and that the injunction should be removed immediately. They also said that citizen participation in the approval process had been exemplary.”

How Does it feel to be Co-opted? How does it feel to have this same Corporation build a new prison in the Okanagan? Forget what we have been told about private prisons:

Some facts:

In 2004 the Solicitor General in BC was Rich Coleman. At the time Coleman was quoted as saying “privatization is not even being discussed in government circles”.

April 1 2004 – A private company, Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls (BLJC) took over property management services of the real estate wing of the provincial government, BC Building Corp, which included ten correctional facilities in the portfolio of properties. The management service would operate under the name BLJC – Workplace Solutions Inc. (WSI).


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