Apr 12 2010

The Get Out Migration & the Lumby Salmon Trail

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After hearing about people getting out for the Get Out migration, I realized I would be away tuning for the East Kootenay Music Festival. What to do? I thought about walking our very own salmon trail – maybe carry a sign or two:

Welcome to our Salmon Trail
Sorry the salmon are extinct!

Michelle from Foolish April Fish encouraged me to get a bit more positive – celebrate the seven spawning salmon that made it back here last fall.  Thanks Michelle, you were right!  I have been too sad about it all. In preparation, Gordon went out with his camera and walked the Lumby Salmon Trail. Then he made a photo map.

WOW! What a surprise – Information missing from DFO is right here in downtown Lumby. I’m hoping everyone will walk this trail while I’m away. Take lots of photos and upload them to the Salmon Are Sacred web site. Support Alexandra Morton in her walk to GET the fish farms OUT of our ocean and into closed containment systems.

I’ve quoted and summarized a few signs, starting with this one that links farmed salmon in open net pens to the decline of wild fish populations:

The Ocean Years
Factors that effect Salmon populations:
farmed salmon in open net pens pose life threatening challenges
to the wild fish populations.

DFO was involved it the creation of this trail but for some reason they don’t have the information that’s posted on these signs. Which seems a bit odd since many small signs bear the Canadian Government logo and three large signs 1 2 3 are underwritten by DFO.

If you can’t walk the Lumby Salmon trail – use Gordon’s Internet photo map of signs for an eye opening education about salmon and salmon habitat. Send out the links and celebrate this information that supports the get out migration! Every sign that bears the Canadian Government Logo is an education on Interior Frazer Coho.

These signs recognize that endangered Interior Coho face extinction. This decline was directly linked to open net-pen fish farms in these signs.

Wild Salmon Are Sacred

Canada is leading the way in the Get Out migration!

Pacific Salmon through out the World
Lumby is in the Fraser River Watershed
Interior Fraser Coho that spawn here are an endangered species.

Pacific Salmon Importance
Salmon Extinction would lead to the extinction of many other forms of life –
137 species depend on salmon
Today, over 100 salmon stocks have already become extinct in BC
another 700 are at risk. Solutions exist but salmon can’t speak for themselves.

From Creek to Ocean and Back
Necessary water conditions: – Clean Ocean
pesticide damages the salmon’s ecosystem and threatens all aquatic life

Challenges along the journey
salmon face disease from sea lice, bacteria and parasites (increased around open net-pen fish farms)

Life in the Creeks
pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones threaten salmon and all aquatic life

Humanity’s Journey
We know salmon recovery will not occur unless we address our problems (lifestyle and Industry). Solving these problems require a major shift in how we view the role of salmon in our environment and economy

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