Jan 01 2012

100,000 voices for Don Staniford’s wild salmon campaign!

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Double Click #5  100,000 voices (it takes a couple of seconds to load).

From every $2 download, I’m contributing $1 to Don Staniford’s legal campaign (click the buy button) or just click here: “to Don’s Go Fund Me page” and contribute what you can. Thanks!

PS: My websites are all moving to 100% Green hosting the new server should be up and running soon. Cheers!

Click here to download: 100 Thousand Voices for wild salmon

~ 100 Thousand Voices ~

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Gordon's Guitar - BC spruce soundboard nourished by salmon

Gordon’s Guitar – BC spruce soundboard nourished by salmon

From Norway to Chile, wild salmon are reeling
in fish farming fishing disease

there’ll be no more stalling by fish farmers farming

in their nets off the coast of BC

Come rise up in song, sing it out sing it long

let salmon wild salmon swim free

Come many, come bring me, ten thousand to sing me

from death by the dark of the sea



Oh sing me the ocean all coloured in song

praise for the planet, sing loud and sing long

we take back the shoreline for fish swimming free

for the ocean, wild salmon and me


Wise up we are calling all fish farmers farming

take your nets from the coast of BC

ten thousand by choice bring ten thousand in voice ’till

one hundred thousand we sing for the sea

to the end of fish farming disease



Oh sing me the ocean all coloured in song

praise for the planet, sing loud and sing long

we take back the shoreline for fish swimming free

for the ocean, wild salmon and me


take back the shorelineGordon’s guitar

Take back the shoreline!  The power of this song is one voice pledging to bring one or two more voices ’till One Hundred Thousand sing for the planet, the ocean, wild salmon, you, me, Alexandra Morton and Don Staniford.

Don Staniford has been a great supporter of my music and I wrote this song for him and Alexandra Morton.

Don’s Website here:  http://salmonfarmingkills.com/opposition

Contribute to Don’s Legal Expenses here: http://www.gofundme.com/donstaniford

download 100 Thousand Voices for wild salmon here



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  1. Ro0n Newcomb

    I may be able to help on the salmon issue with a hydroelectric generator that return the river to a normal system and allows salmon free passage in both directions. No kidding. See http://salmongenerator.com
    Thanks for your concern for the salmon, it is a 100 year old problem. Keep singing.


  2. Rick

    We need to stop all salmon from being destroyed. First we need to stop the salmon farms then we need to stop commercial fishing. That is the only way we will be able to save these majestic creatures. I weep when I see them being crushed in the nets. Sing loud and proud. Stop the killing of our last wild animals. No more farms no more commerical factories harvesting from the seas.


  3. Doug

    Absolutely beautiful, right to the soul! Thank you Priscilla.


  4. Rick Driegder

    🙂 music is the perfect voice to shout out with ,


    1. admin

      That’s so true Rick! We will sing out where ever we travel and join with thousands of people who are singing for wild salmon around the world. And thank you Doug for your sweet comment on facebook.


  5. Mary Russell~~

    Great song Priscilla! Couldn’t hear the words but reading them they are beautiful and sing themselves.in a lyrical way that is catching. Kudus and hope to be there singing along at the Inquiry at some point in August.

    Incidentally I have a poem that to me sings itself too. It is not as upbeat and triumphant as yours….its from the salmon’s perspective, mourning what is happening to them and reminding us what they are to life, and asking us to stand up and come to their rescue.. Would you care to read it and see if it is fit to be sung at the Inquiry, by yourself or anyone finding it singable? I could send it to your email address if you were to provide it. Thanks and cheers,
    Mary Russell. Port Hardy BC


    1. admin

      Thanks Mary – I hope to be at the Cohen Inquiry too – not sure when I can make it happen. And I would love to read your poem and put it to song if I can. Send it and I’ll do my best. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I’ll look for your e-mail. cheers to the wild salmon!


  6. Holly Arntzen

    Hi Priscilla, that’s a beautiful line in the chorus of your song: “oh sing me the ocean all coloured in song”! Great job and thanks for putting your voice and music towards the ocean and wild salmon.

    All the best,
    Holly Arntzen
    Artist Response Team (ART)


    1. admin

      Thank you so much – I am truely amazed at the dedication of Alex Morton and Don Staniford – so this song is to help get 100,00 voices to move the fams on land with a small donation to http://www.salmonaresacred.org


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