Jul 22 2011

Vegetated Sand Bed – manmade underground wetland – cleaning waste water naturally

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Vegetated Sand Beds (VSB)
Zero carbon footprint
waste water solution

Developed by Dr. Ronald Lavigne
CEO of N.E.W.S.
New England Waste Systems


My name is Priscilla Judd and
I want to bring VSB technology
to British Columbia.

Check out the website I created
to showcase the VSB system


No odor, No mosquitoes
No Chemicals – No power needed
less expensive than traditional
sewage systems

A man made underground wetland
cleans water to 99% and better

Plants consume waste turning
it into into non toxic material.

Handles: Sewage, dump lecheate,
animal waste, mining slag,
shoreline pollution,
Agri-biz and more!

If you have a pollution problem
in Lumby – Shuswap – Fraser Basin
– lets improve Pacific Salmon habitat.

clean up pollution naturally – to arrange a lecture or workshop in November 2011 – leave a comment

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