Apr 08 2010

Links to some people who are migrating for salmon

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This is a great blog on DFO jurisdiction http://salmontalks.blogspot.com/

Here’s a neat site foolishaprilfish.com People there are swimming to meet the Vancouver Island migration.

Another salmon web blog – welcome angrycanuck.com The Adams River have disappeared salmon too – so angry canuck joined the Get Out Migration! Way to Go John – lots of people in your area agree with your blog. I was at the OK Shuswap Green AGM in Vernon a few nights ago and most people were aware of the fish farm sea lice.

Yesterday Salmonguy.org was blogging about the need to stop fishing so that spawning can happen. First Nations rely on salmon for food and many are struggling to stay alive without fish. All his blogs are easy to read.

The “Get Out” migration in Lumby posters are going up. May 8th meet at the Lumby Public Market and walk the trails – sing some protest songs too.

See Gordon Judd’s photo tour of the salmon signs in Lumby

Can you help the blogger who is looking for help to get to the get out walk on the Island – don’t forget there is a facebook group for people with slow speed dial up.

Post your links!

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