Jun 22 2011

riots and prisons

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I would like to bring the focus back to the consequence of riots, reasons for prisons and the purpose of our justice system.

In Canada we have a Correctional System aimed at creating safe and productive communities. Punishment is not the reason for laws or incarceration. Canadian prisons have become a sanctioned form of torture.  They don’t meet International standards.  Overcrowded and double bunked – our prisons produce re-offenders while the P3 partners are just waiting to get their hands on money for prisons.

There is no difference in the effect of a riot at G20 demonstration or a post hockey game violence or a Beer Hall Putsch.  People are outraged and angry.  Are we going to ask for tough laws and punishment?  Greater policing? In the height of fear and outrage – will our Country demand the erosion of everyone’s civil liberties to punish a few?

CBC and the VPD called the rioters ‘demonstrators’ and ‘Anarchists’. Except to prepare future arrests there was no reason give the rioters a specific identity.  Labeling people as Anarchists or Demonstrators removes skin colour and dress code (turbans) from the face of our last terrorist enemy (911).  On the “Q” program – they talked about the riot and I heard the word Anarchist 4 times within the first few minutes finally, someone pointed out the appearance of bored young people.

How can you recognize an Anarchist?  Is she a person with a sign opposing the latest tax?  Someone protesting the next P3 highway? A demonstrator at the next G20 meeting?   Someone marching against the fish farms?

On the day of the riot, CBC continually announced early closure of liquor stores – the subtext was BYOB – or drink before you arrive.  Assemble the mob in an altered state and pump up the anger for disappointment or ecstasy.

During the riot, a CBC announcer pointed out a plain clothed policeman – how can anyone identify a policeman in plain clothes?  CBC is the Conservative Propaganda mouthpiece – so keep you ears open.

PM Stephen Harper has a big prison agenda and our emotions can propel that into reality – really really fast.  Big Prisons have bankrupted the USA – it can happen here too.

For days and weeks  CBC promoted the uniformed sport team as a National symbol of might and achievement.  Winning a game was more newsworthy than anything else.  It’s not far past a year since we saw the Vanoc clip of Nazi sport propaganda promoting the Olympics – fired up with military passion sport being the hero of mighty military power. Did you know that Spain is in chaos right now? That citizens are demonstrating against the Corporate interest that’s destroying the fabric of their nation? Yesterday, on All Points West, the host asked someone what can parents learn from this? Here is my answer: CBC needs to appologise for playing a big part in the riot..

What are we missing when we talk about sports? In the way our PM is not engaged in an illegal war against Libya by extending the NATO motion to a Regime change? That Canada is building 7 new Army Bases in other parts of the world?  That Canada is tooling up for war – at home and abroad and we are getting primed for it through the diversion of rioters – this time dressed in blue jerseys – look at how provocateurs in brown jerseys once propelled another country into war against their citizens many years ago. The outcome is well researched.

This riot was a not a spontaneous event – it served to witness out of control violence – military might – weapons of war (tear gas) to inspire revenge – punishment – prison and with that we become complicit in future crimes against ourselves and our nation.   This is our country, our city, our community.  All of us are part of this crime – we are both the perpetrators and the victims co-opted for someone’s economic crime agenda.  As long as we live in fear – as long as we are not interested in the actions of Government in response to crime – as long as we are divided – we play no part in Government – this is called Inverted totalitarianism and managed democracy‎.

Remain calm – there is hope.  In Canada we have RCMP Restorative Justice programs managed by well trained volunteers- it is not expensive and it reduces the rate of re-offending.  RJ is designed so that perpetrators take responsibility for their actions to restore the harm that has been done.  No matter what the family background or personal reason –  let the rioters make amends for their harm and reintegrate into society.  I implore you to keep calm, Premier Christy Clark does not need a reason to build more super prisons. Demand a quick and fair resolution to this tragic event through Restorative Justice.   Beware cultivating a thug class in Canada.

As for CBC, who are complicit in this crime – when will the CBC take some responsibility for their actions? Rcognize how wrong they were to incite over the top expectations for a team of hockey players?  Sports is not NEWS.  Had this game been played inside the arena – without the pumped up volume – perhaps this ugly street theater would not be pumping up the private prison agenda.

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