Jun 18 2011

Think Outside the Bars |||||||||||||||||||||||||| Why real justice means fewer prisons.

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Reviews a book by Michelle Alexander argues that today, in the so-called era of colorblindness, and, yes—even in the age of Obama—racial caste is alive and well in America. The mass incarceration of poor people of color through a racially biased drug war has birthed a new caste system. It is the moral equivalent of Jim Crow.

The American problem with mass incarceration has less to do with crime than you think.

A human rights approach, would offer far greater hope than the civil rights model had provided for those determined to create a thriving, multiracial democracy free from racial hierarchy. It would offer a positive vision of what we can strive for—a society in which people of all races are treated with dignity and have the right to food, shelter, health care, education, and security.

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