Jun 07 2011

Adverse effects of pesticide spraying – Lumby

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Hi Priscilla, hi Huguette

After a 30 years, this is first time I have a sore throat, swollen glands, eye problems.

That was my life from age of 6, working in the nursery producing all kind of trees and daily spraying,  We had at the time 450 000 rosebushes, 120 000 apple trees and much more…

Just to give you an idea how nuts, how sick that was…always to be in a cloud of pesticides!

At the time, I didn’t know why I was steady tired, steady non stop sore throat, eye infections, always red, chronic and other problems…

pesticide by Helicopter

pesticide application by Helicopter

…today I know it, since the helicopter went for two hours back and forth over the land, I have the same  problems … they must have sprayed insecticides, and much too heavy, wrong doses.

Normally, when you go in to a field after spraying, you don’t have problems, only when you have been actively spraying.

I was as usual barefoot and just with pants, so lots of skin …and didn’t know what they do, fisheries comes often with helicopters….

They should let people know before spraying in the newspaper so people stay in the house…or keep at minimum children inside.

As I told you before, I don’t believe that in this system there is something that can be changed…they do with us what they want and the public doesn’t care.

regards Helmut

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