Jun 07 2011

Public Information of Pesticide Application on School District Sites

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The Board of Education at the June 15, 2010 public board meeting passed the following resolution:
“declare a moratorium on the cosmetic use of pesticides until a recommendation is received from the Community Advisory Committee for pesticide management.”
The School district uses an integrated pest management plan (IPM) to manage their pests on wood ornamentals and turf grass areas. Pesticides are port of this management program and are used in accordance with the Ministry of Water, Air and Land Protection guidelines.
School Play fields:
  • Pesticide applications are typically scheduled for mid August or as pest populations demand.
  • Notices will be posted at 100-foot intervals around each School District play field indicating pesticide application date and time. In addition, all entrances to play fields will be obstructed with warning tape, which will indicate that pesticide application will take place. Immediate neighbors will be notified prior to application. Re-enter play fields according to signage.
School District Parking Lot and Non Turf areas
  • Pesticide applications are typically scheduled for spring and summer.
  • Notices will be posted where practical around each area, indicating pesticide application time and date
Tree and Shrub Management
  • As part of the District’s over all pest management program occasional treatment of trees with pest problems may occur.
Anyone desiring personal notification prior to pesticide application, can register by calling 542-8719 and can request site specific information at that time.

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