Jun 07 2011

The Mayor's word on Pesticide – Mecoprop 24D Diacamba

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E-mails from Jane and my replies:

Good morning everyone,

This is a little off topic but a big thank you should go out to Lumby Council once again.

To kick off Environment Week (Jun4-10) the Lumby Oval was sprayed with pesticides (Mecoprop 24D Diacamba) all known carcinogens.

Lumby council voted on this even though they said they would not use them again.

I phoned and I was told that they tried other methods.  That is highly unlikely as I live across from the park and would have seen these other methods they said they tried.
Jane Emlyn

Hi Jane, Can you please tell me where I can find the Council’s remarks that they would not spray it again?

Hi Priscilla,
I would have to search where and when it was written.  It was a little after the present council was elected in.  I remember seeing it in the paper that they were no longer going to spray.  Also when Kevin ran for mayor he assured me that there would be no spraying of the fields in or around Lumby. He gave me his word.

I did find this in the Morning star.  Moratorium on pesticides on and around school playing fields. CBSS uses the oval for their fields.

Hi Jane,
Where did you read that they sprayed recently?

Hi Priscilla,
I didn’t have to read it.  I live across from the park and two young guys were spraying.  They posted a handful of signs and before it was even dry people were playing on it.

When council was running Oct 31 2008 I met with them and I also put a letter in the paper on that date.  I also met with Kevin when he was running for mayor and he assured me that there would be no spraying of any pesticides in or around the village. It was posted in the paper either before or after he was elected, not sure. I have sent over 25 emails to Eric Foster when he was mayor and many phone calls asking him to ban all pesticides in and around Lumby.
I called the village on June 3rd and Melanie said that council had voted to spray because the other methods were not working.  They have never used other methods, no aeration, fertilizer, no corn gluten, or spot weed control.

I called Roger on his cell and he said the same thing, but added that council voted to spray because organic methods were not cost efficient.  So they do nothing which costs nothing then they pay to have pesticides applied?

Vernon school district which we are part of have a moratorium on pesticides in and around school playing fields.  CBSS use the oval for their classes!

I have sent a letter to the editor for the next issue.

I will also get in touch with our school trustees to see if they can do something about it.

Also, please, could others call the village or email village and council to voice your disgust at spraying the parks?

One more thing,  I noticed they also sprayed the Royals, but the legion camp ground seems to not be spraying  (I hope).  10 feet away the Salmon trail sign asks people to not spray pesticides.  What a dichotomy!

Jane Emlyn

Hi Jane, I can’t find anything in Lumby Council Minutes on pesticide use.  Maybe someone can check the Minutes again h- ere is the link www.lumby.ca and here’s a link to a post about Kelowna banning pesticide.


Subject:  re: pesticide

I have just been sending emails back and forth with Tracy today.  I just sent her my ideas on organic methods as she had asked me for my input.

I will try to outline a few basic methods.  These methods are not out of reach!  Even though places like Burnaby, PoCo and other cities are much bigger than us with a bigger budget, it can still be done in Lumby;

1.The first thing is education,  people have to be educated that weeds are OK, a few dandelions are fine and beneficial for the bees and pollinating insects.

2.  There is no one hired by the Village that is knowledgeable.  They are hired grass cutters. No one is supervising them and this has gone on for years and years.  They seldom even get off the tractor.  Many of these methods would not have to be contracted out and could be performed by the employees.  I can guarantee that their time is not well spent just as it is in the Arena!

3.  The top most important method is aeration,  maybe make out a deal with the school board to aerate the Oval and Royals when they do the school grounds.  (They used to do this)

4.  Do not hire a company like Green Velvet which main objective is chemical spray.

5.  Apply corn gluten to suppress broad leaf weed control in the spring.

6.  Students hired for the summer could do periodic manual weed control.

7.   It is true as Huguette said that some organic fertilizer can be harmful but some are not, like Sea kelp.

8.  Only mow grass once a week instead of twice like they do now and set the mower a little higher.  This would also cut down on water needs.   Use a mulcher type mower and this would also fertilize the fields when it breaks down.

9.  Another options is to contact a truly organic company and see if they can give you a deal on field maintenance.

10.  Over seed with proper grass seed that is known to choke out weeds and needs less water.

You can see for yourself, by checking the school district cared for lawn by the gazebo.  They could possibly mow it more frequently but no chemicals have been sprayed on that field for years.  They only aerate it (nothing else) and it is in much better shape than the Oval field.

If you just implemented aeration, corn gluten and over seeding this would almost eliminate the need for getting rid of unsightly weeds.

I would be glad to talk to you more on this matter.

Thank you



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