Apr 25 2011

Breaking the rules for political ends

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It’s upsetting that Liberal Candidates have been the target of vandalism. In my opinion we can expect a lot more of this in Canada. All the political parties have criticized the violence but in my opinion that’s not doing enough. As long as Political leaders normalize bullying – as long as a the Prime Minister can normalize rule breaking (Proroguing Parliament)– as long as a Provincial  Government can illegally invoke Marshall Law resulting in the largest mass arrest in Canadian history without personal or public consequence – there will be violence.

Conservative Party members are being investigated for an in-out money scheme in the last election. Conservatives were found in Contempt of Parliament and  Parliament is the highest Court in Canada. Mass Media normalize all that wrongdoing by treating Conservative rule breaking as though it’s “normal”.

According to the RCMP, not much can be done when local politicians misrepresent political issues in the media. Is that the standard we want for ourselves in Lumby – in Canada?

So, let’s think about bullying and the normalization of violence in our society. Did you know that bullying is a necessary precursor to Genocide?  In an interview about her book – “Extraordinary Evil” Barbara Colorosa said:

it is a short walk from bullying to hate crimes to genocide—genocide is the most extreme form of bullying—a far too common system of behaviors that is learned in childhood and rooted in contempt for another human being who has been deemed by the bully and his or her accomplices, to be worthless, inferior, and undeserving of respect.

Attack ads are the precursor to vandalism. Schoolyard bullying results in suicide and violence and that same type of schoolyard bullying is commonly practiced by adults in their workplace to secure financial gains.

Bullying is also a powerful tool for winning political decisions for economic gains to one group and losses for another. Sounds a lot like screwy Global Capitalism practiced by the G-20- not that I’m opposed to making money – but we seem to have arbitrary capitalism – such that Governments bail out the corporate interests not to save jobs but to protect investors who make big profit at the expense of the citizen who pays tax at the gas pump – tax on take out food – Tax on tampons and toilet paper…

By the way – the Conservative Party was found guilty on the election fraud – they call it a mistake – looks more like a cheap way to buy into Government http://www.etudiant-ontario.ca/Article-de-blogue/b/21598/Quebeckers-share-in-election-scam



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