Apr 17 2011

the dream of a prison – can we give it up?

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Before there was any talk of a prison, no one had anything to gain or lose on that issue – seems to me the people who don’t want a prison are not forcing anyone to lose anything other than an idea – a dream – an offer of something unknown somewhere off in the future…

How hard would it be to give up that dream?

The people who love Lumby because Lumby is already the best place to be – those people – your friends – my friends – they will lose something they cherish – something real – they will lose their home in the Lumby they love.

Does that matter to you?

Voting “No” on April 30th is a vote for people who want Lumby without a prison – Lumby as it has been – changing slowly – growing at a friendly pace – no one is starving here – no one is sleeping on the streets of our little town.

So how about standing up with your friends? Show your support for this little town – rise up against the dark side of society.

Prisons are nobody’s good friend.

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