Apr 14 2011

unlimited economic development for Lumby

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A lost forest industry is the Mayor’s pitch for a prison! No jobs, empty industrial land… The Mayor wants a prison!

What’s the consequence of losing Lumby’s logging industry? No tax base for pie in the sky spending by the Village Mayor and Council?

Well if it’s jobs for the unemployed why are employed people promoting the prison? Doug Brown, vocal supporter, Chamber of Commerce members, Tracy Gobel, spokesperson for the “Get in Line” pro prison support group. And the Real estate people – are they unemployed? I think not.

Looks like the vocal supporters are all employed – oops – that blows just a few holes the Mayor’s Mythical Reasons to stick a prison in Lumby.

An then there is Cliff Wedgewood who called Lorna Church “hysterical” for opposing a prison in her community. Cliff Wedgewood who opposed the construction of a low income housing complex in Lumby because there were no sidewalks to keep the children safe. That seems a bit over the top – not really hysterical but a bit wierd to say the least. Well, maybe Cliff is one of those unemployed loggers that the Mayor wants to get working in his big prison industry?

The main thing we know about the demise of Logging in Lumby is the unlimited amount of pollution left behind. PCBs from Bell pole – Hydrocarbons from the gas stations – pollution from the Railway and train engine maintenance – mounds of woodchips from the log yards, old machinery, old cars in an old style company town. YUP – one thing Lumby has is pollution.

So when the Mayor says we have no resources and we need a prison – lets show him a bit of greenery to spruce up his perception of Lumby. Join the 21st Century – harvest Lumby’s pollution as though it were an endless new resource! Pollution might just be a toxic resource that’s waiting to be exploited.

So, maybe you have some ideas on pollution within local economic development:
If so send me your stuff – I’ll post it here.

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