Apr 09 2011

Economic development in Lumby?

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Subject: Economic Development Committee     Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011

From: contact@priscillajudd.ca To: mayoracton@lumby.ca

The Village of Lumby
Economic Development Committee

I have been hesitant to express an interest in the Lumby Economic Development Committee.  I’m not sure if I’m the right person to sit on the Committee since I am opposed to a Prison in Lumby which puts me in a position of conflict with his Worship the Mayor and Village Council.  That is something that should be considered.  I moved to Lumby in 2003 to my family property purchased 50 years ago.  My roots are deep and I care about the future of Lumby.

I think I’m qualified for a position on your committee in the area of self employment. I believe in mentors and continuing education. I see opportunity when it presents itself.  Many years ago I attended an import/export workshop. I completed a course in paint application – I am an experienced decorator. I trained a trained piano tuner/technician.  As an adult, I made the Dean’s list completing a Certificate in Business Administration (College of the Rockies). Since moving to Lumby,  I completed the RCMP Restorative Justice Training and to supplement that experience, I took a Justice Institute course in communication. I studied Mass Media and the Law through distance education.

I have been self employed since 1981. My field is music – I have worked closely with my husband during which time we have both enjoyed the challenge of recessions and the excitement of boom times. We have both developed a wide variety of skills.

Some of my experience includes:
Presenting our Hand built Guitars in a Federal exhibition – a Celebration of Canadian Achievers. Our guitars are purchased by concert guitarist. They are used in recordings and have appeared on stage in Tokyo, Toronto, Lethbridge, (Expo) Vancouver, Maine, New York etc.


One year we built 9 foot grand piano soundboards from BC Spruce for the Falcone Piano Company in Boston. Beginning with our first log in Lumby, we have turned 20 spruce logs into musical instrument wood for violin, viola. cello and guitar.

We renovated a Heritage House in Cranbrook and we won an award! There we established a small music school with five teachers and a retail music shop to complement the business.  We organized a celebration of Arts and Culture in a small community in the Kootenays, it’s now an annual event.  For many years I played viola in quartet or trio – throughout most summers we  played weddings.

I am a piano tuner/technician by trade.  http://www.gordonandpriscillajudd.ca/blog/?p=66

Currently I tune for the Vernon Community Music School, private teachers, churches and in many homes. I still commute several times a year to the Kootenays to maintain pianos there.  Long time customers: College of the Rockies, East Kootenay Music Teachers and students. For many years I tuned for professionals who played concerts at the Prince Charles Auditorium. I maintained the Creston School District, Community Halls and Church pianos.  I still tune there occasionally but travel and scheduling sometime conflict.

Recently, I contacted a good friend and mentor, the largest importer and wholesaler of used pianos from Japan. To test the waters for a small piano shop, we brought two pianos here and sold them within a week. This may turn into a store front operation in Lumby if we can make it value added by taking the polished cases and rebuilding the piano inside.  We are highly skilled at our trade which demands hundreds of tools and jigs.

As you know I am involved in Vegetated Sand Bed development through my contact with Dr.Ron Lavigne, President of New England Waste Systems. Through that I discovered a South American website which generates interest and investment for small projects.  This would be my main interest on the Committee. Like South America we are suffering from the depletion of a resource based economy.  I think you will be impressed – you can view it here:


If the Committee were to set up a website from which to generate investment – there would be an opportunity for the Village to oversee financial start ups and completion of projects.  There are many creative people in Lumby – ides are waiting to come alive.

The website would list local projects with a detailed description and cost estimate for development – the website would invite local (or other) investors to underwrite the project (or be part of the project) – the website looks for mentors to oversee the project.  Mentors check the financial viability of both sides of the project.  The Investor gets his initial investment returned plus interest – if project completion is threatened by interest charges, shares in the enterprise may be negotiated. There is opportunity for getting grants, award and financial support from corporate investors since small, local green initiatives are often sought after by large corporations if they assist with coporate image.  Check out the website.  They do it in the third world and we can do it here.


I am dedicated to the idea of green sustainable communities. If you think I can work within the Lumby Committee I am prepared to offer my time.
Thank you for your attention,
Priscilla Judd

148 Albers Rd,
Lumby BC
V0E 2G5



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  1. priscilla

    Here is my update on BC’s private prisons:

    and be sure to check out: http://thieverycorp.wordpress.com/


  2. Laila

    Hi Priscilla!

    Yes indeed, I have done a lot of work on P3’s, along with a few others, and P3’s are never a deal for the taxpayer. The reason why private investors are so eager to line up and finance the project is because they make a very lucrative rate of return on the initial investment, so much so that several P3’s in BC have now been ” flipped” to new investors after the original financer made a tidy profit. In addition to making a good return on the investment, some projects even have extra hidden payments built into the payback agreement, such as the shadow tolls on the sea to sky highway, the shadow tolls on the William R. Bennett Bridge and the shadow fares being paid for each person who uses the Canada Line.

    In the end, the taxpayer spends far more building projects through the P3 method than if the government ( municipal or provincial) built the project themselves. I can send you anything you need to know on this, as well as hook you up with some other people who are real experts on the subject!!


    1. admin

      Hey Laila,
      I’m missing all the great press here – driving across the Province tuning pianos – I’m home now and I really want to thank you for all the work you put into your blog post – WOW – I learned a lot – like that latest propaganda from Mayor Acton who says that Area D vote counts! What a crock – he’s told so many people in Area D that our vote does not count that – Area D people are saying why bother voting? Acton is more than a hypnotist he’s a magician salesman with hidden agendas, secret curtains and vanishing rules. He wants Area D to give up so the result will be “yes”

      Thank you so much for this P3 information. I don’t know anything about them except that – the firm that made the Bennett bridge – also made prisons for Moammar Gadhafi. I’ll make a post on P3s as soon as I land.

      Take care – I’ll be in touch


  3. Leah

    Before you get involved with a P3 project – do your homework!! The BC government is strongly involved with them, to our detriment.

    A number of websites have information Priscilla – Laila Yuile’s being one of them. Also check The Tyee site. Can’t say it often enough, or strong enough – do your homework before allowing it.


    1. admin

      Thanks for the tip Leah – I’ll try to get some info on my blog


  4. admin

    I found this in my inbox:

    Something smells and it isn’t the fish OR Follow the Money Trail?

    One wonders who will benefit from the proposed prison since it’s becoming more apparent that most residents will not. We now hear this prison will be built according to the P3 model – Public Private Partnership – and buildings where this occurs end up costing the public and benefiting the private. They are typically built shoddily, and require lots of upgrades and maintenance afterwards, all paid by taxpayers of course.

    Now why is the Lumby decision being rushed so much? Could it be because the builders of the Surrey Outpatient Hospital – a French company (key players are Bouygues Batiment International of France, HSBC Infrastructure Fund Management Ltd of London, England and DEPFA Bank of Ireland) are supposed to be done in 2011 and could then easily slide into the Lumby prison project? Would be handy to simply move the builders from Surrey to Lumby. No local jobs of course…

    So who benefits in Lumby? So far it seems that a landowner would profit in the range of about $4 millions. Then there is the real estate agent. Who else?


    1. admin

      I thought I would add a few thoughts to the above comment – I heard PPP buildings are built really well so that when the buildings and the contents revert to the private sector someone or some corporation gets a really good deal – is it true? I don’t know – yet – what I do know is that the million dollar seniors complex built in Lumby did not produce even one part time job… Amazing isn’t it? Makes me wonder if our Mayor can actually negotiate jobs for the people in Lumby?


  5. admin

    Lumby Council on Brownfields:



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