Apr 05 2011

Which Federal candidates will protect wild salmon?

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Alexandra Morton begins election education campaign
(Broughton Archipelago, B.C., April 05, 2011)

B.C. voters need to know which federal candidates have the backbone to stand up and protect wild salmon?

Alexandra Morton has launched a “Vote Salmon” campaign to help voters make an informed decision on Election Day.   Starting April 13th, Morton will visit campaign offices in British Columbia looking for candidates who support wild salmon.

Morton will post her report online at www.Votesalmon.ca

The Questions:
1. Will you stake your reputation that Norwegian aquaculture companies are not releasing foreign viruses into BC?
2. Will you work to build an innovative, land-based Canadian aquaculture industry to provide jobs to the 1,259 people directly employed by salmon feedlots?
3. Will you remove salmon feedlots from BC waters within 12 months of being elected?

“The questions were developed because British Columbia’s wild salmon are dying of politics,” said Alexandra Morton. “Our resources are being degraded by an out of control corporate economy.”

As usual Alexandra speaks with great clarity:  “We are a rich province, but only as long as we remain ecologically intact. We are losing our rights to protect the places we call home. The people of British Columbia need to know who has the backbone to stand up for us before we go to the polls.”

“Would you remove these polluting salmon feedlots from BC waters now? A simple yes or no, please!”

Alexandra Morton resisted efforts by the NDP to recruit her as a federal candidate. She continues non-partisan activities in the interests of wild salmon. This campaign is designed to give people a chance to help wild salmon stocks flourish in BC water.

Salmon feedlots are a provincial issue because BC rents the seafloor to the fish farm Industry and they let tons of fish poop fall on the sea bed where our wild salmon migrate.   Salmon farming is now a Federal issue because Alex Morton won a BC Supreme Court challenge that ended BC’s unlawful provincial regulation of salmon in Federal Water.

After that Court decision – Gordon Campbell didn’t renew many fish farm tenures – good move on his part.  Let’s hope the new Premier follows his lead.

Stephen Harper failed to heed scientific warning that highly infectious viruses are moving with this industry and allowed millions of Atlantic eggs into BC in recent years.  Not such a good move there!

Wild salmon feed over 190 BC wildlife species; they have fed people for 10,000 years. 85% of British Columbians call this fish an icon.  Salmon are the bloodstream to the forests that make us oxygen, they are food security, we love wild pacific salmon – they are a living symbol of democracy and we want them to be here for our children.

Salmon are worth about $2 billion in revenue from wilderness tourism and fishing.

The corporate salmon feedlots are highly mechanized, shrouded in secrecy, in trouble everywhere they operate and recent testimony at the Cohen Inquiry suggests the Conservative government is covering up an apparent lethal salmon virus that has gone  epidemic.

For more information go to www.wildsalmonpeople.ca

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  1. admin

    I understabd that Alex Morton has endorsed the Green candidate here in Lumby but I decided to vote NDP because Finn Donnelley, BC NDP Member of Parliament introduced a private members bill to stop fish farm pollution that effects Lumby Salmon when they migrate.

    According the NDP Specific platform for BC:

    New Democrats will “Protect wild salmon and ensure long-term sustainable jobs by moving fish farms to closed containment” as well as “invest in habitat protection for all fish species.”

    Elizabrth May has been listening to Alexandra Morton. May has changed the Green position from 10 yeas to ASAP (as soon as possible) I think it’s great that Alexandra Morton and Elizabeth May can get together on that issue and I hope Elizabeth May wins her seat at the coast.

    Here in the Shuswap – I hope the Green People see the benefit of putting their support to the NDP – to continue to split the vote is merely selfish. Even the National Media are predicting an NDP Government – we should all vote NDP – The NDP will work with the Greens and all other elected members – so let’s find out if the Greens can work with the other parties – or die at the expense of the greater interest.

    Come on Greens rise up – support the NDP – this is an historic moment for Canadians – Get on board – Vote NDP.


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