Mar 17 2011

What's your story? I just received this one over the Internet

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Anonymous said…

When we lived in a rural community several years ago there was a proposal to put a group home for troubled youth close to our elementary school. The principal who did not live in the community cautioned parents about such a facility being established in a rural setting so close to a school.

He said that by the time the youth are in the system they have substantial emotional/personality issues and it would be difficult to monitor them in a rural setting.

The community was a safe community, children walked to school, rode their bikes, played in nature and parks unaccompanied by adults.

Now extrapolate those concerns to ones posed by situating a “Correction Facility” in the heart of a community.

These facilities are really collection and holding units where fellons get schooled in Crime 101.

There is no doubt that birds of a feather flock together and unsavoury characters will visit the facility and frequent the vicinity of Lumby and beyond.

Will every parent have to accompany their child as they ride their bike, go to school or explore the natural surroundings of Lumby?

If a facility goes ahead it would be prudent for seniors and single women to install security systems and have bars installed on vulnerable windows.

If the prison goes ahead I would worry if my son or daughter were a member of the RCMP I would hope that they would be not be alone when on patrol in the Lumby area and beyond.

The thought of a solitary officer approaching pulled over vehicles on some dark lonely road is chilling enough without the addition of unsavoury or questionable strangers in our midst.

The benefit of a prison will be to those who own the dozens of homes that are currently not selling. Once a sale has been made to a prison employee the owners are free to move on to more desirable communities.

Highway 6 is already heavily travelled and my usual journey is made tense by those who like to ride the bumper of those doing the speed limit. Now add in all the vans transporting prisoners back and forth to court in Kelowna.

We already have enough vehicles emmiting carbon and throwing up dust in this narrow valley.

The best place for a prison is in Kelowna, the carbon foot-print will be greatly reduced. Build a green park-like buffer of trees around a facility in Kelowna.

There are more police and eyes on the street. There are more health care facilites, including mental health care (which I have learned is very difficult to access in Vernon). There are more hospital beds and better access to public transportation.

Vernon already service Methadone clients from throughout the valley.

Each community should service their own citizens with issues, be they crimminal behaviour, drug addiction etc.

Making Lumby a prison ghetto is one bad idea.


  1. admin

    What’s the Mayor of Drumheller thinking now?


  2. Karen

    Hi Priscilla , a friend sent me this article from the Vancouver Sun about ………………
    ( Parents of escaped killer’s victim question why he was in minimum security)

    I think everyone should
    read this before they vote for a prison
    regards Karen .


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