Mar 13 2010

Government Inquires?

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Written on March 13th 2010

Every Canadian Government has done what it could to deny Native rights in every court and every Inquiry. Read the large volume from the Senate Standing Committee, (in your library) it’s a diatribe against Native fishing! The Provincial Legislature created “Right to Farm” and overstepped it’s jurisdiction when it declared Federal coast waters protected from legal action in the courts. I think it overstepped our Charter Rights too since we are guaranteed security of the person and access to the law under the law. Right to Farm prevents access to the courts and it lets Fish Farms pollute.

I expect we’ll see more denial in the Cohen Inquiry with reasons why Norwegian fish farms are important to BC’s economy. Well! You can’t eat money and when the salmon are gone, so go the trees and the eagles and the bears and the First Nations people. The trees will weaken and die. The bears will head into cities looking for garbage. The eagles and smaller creatures will move into other areas, fight for territory and likely they will die along with the water mammals that rely on salmon that no longer exist.

And the Natives? Likely we’ll see Native blockades aimed at stopping the destruction of salmon habitat. How will that be be portrayed in the media? Not against corporations but First Nations against people who feed their family with logging or mining or fishing or some other enterprise that exploits salmon habitat to produce export dollars.

It seems like the Federal and Provincial governments don’t give a damn if BC natives starve and sadly these governments speak on behalf of all Canadians when most of us didn’t even vote them into office. (see Fair Vote Canada on that topic)

Bill Chu wrote:
For your future plan, I think fund raising may not be as effective as mounting a strong advocacy voice from the interior.

OK, so what is a strong advocacy voice? I intend to keep my eye on the Cohen Inquiry and participate when they invite the public.

Bill Chu wrote:
All this talks of a commission, studies, etc.. are merely delay tactics that they have honed to perfection. The most effective steps in your case are to gain more knowledge of the actual situation (e.g. by talking to Arthur Manuel, by stopping at Merritt and talk to the Nicola Tribal Council there), then to educate the public and expand your group, while keeping the pressure on two levels of government. If it means taking the issue to the international community, you should do it since UN may turn out to be more approachable than our governments. So for the time being I hope your daughter can help you with some of the research rather than fund raising.

Well, I’m done with complacency. I’ll deliver this small collection of caned salmon to Merrit and continue to advocate for what remains of wild salmon stock. The best way to feed the hungry is helping nature do what it does best, create interdependence between all natural life on our planet. With a little respect, mankind may be able to help nature restore the lost salmon. As for a strong advocacy voice? I’ll think about that.

(to be continued)

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