Jan 27 2011

Lumby Village is obliged to listen to Area "D" NORD

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This is a quote from the BC Government paper called:
Municipalities and the New Local Government Act – Created: October 13 2000 /modified July 27 2006 – Ministry of Community Service

Local government must consider consultation with citizens, adjacent local governments, provincial and federal government agencies and First Nations – on an early and ongoing basis – when developing, amending or repealing an OCP. This will assist local government in developing the consultation processes best suited to the issue, rather than relying solely on public hearings.

“…technical Documents have been prepared to assist local government staff and elected officials.”

Let’s be perfectly clear:  “must consult” is not an optional decision – it is obligatory!

The Village of Lumby must consult with rural Lumby – Area D NORD before a prison is built. The current Lumby OCP does not include the creation of a Public Institution called a prison. Therefore the OCP must be reviewed and updated before a prison can be installed in Lumby. That is the  law in BC as I stated in my previous post.

The Incarceration of people is not yet considered an industry in Canada.   Installing a prison does not create a diversified economy. It creates a narrow focus for future opportunity.

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