Jan 17 2011

The Provinvce does not operate "minimum security prisons"

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Pretrial and Regional Correctional Centres

Pretrial and regional correctional centres have high levels of physical and technological security that ensure inmate control and separation, and community protection. While security is maintained, inmates are incarcerated as humanely as possible.

Pretrial and regional correctional centres incarcerate inmates who have been remanded in custody pending trial or sentence, as well as sentenced offenders who are assessed at low, medium and high risk.

There are four regional correctional centres for male sentenced offenders:

* Fraser Regional Correctional Centre in Maple Ridge
* Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre;
* Prince George Regional Correctional Centre;
* Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre in Saanich.

Two centres are specifically for remanded individuals:

* North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam;
* Surrey Pretrial Services Centre; and

Within regional correctional centres, programs and activities are provided in work, recreation, education, life skills and personal development to enable inmates of all levels of risk to make positive use of their incarceration. Inmates are incarcerated until their sentences expire or are released on parole.

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