Jan 17 2011

Programs in Provincial Prisons

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British Columbia Core Programs Overview

Once B.C. Corrections staff have assessed the risk and needs of offenders, they determine what level of supervision or placement in custody is required for community protection. Information from assessments is also used to assign offenders to rehabilitative core programs and other treatment in correctional centres.

Core programs are based on research of treatment initiatives across North America. These programs help offenders understand how they can change their behaviour. They are designed to promote long-term changes in thinking, skills and lifestyles that are known to contribute to criminal behaviour. Some offenders may need intensive professional treatment during and after their involvement with B.C. Corrections. Core programs prepare such individuals for additional treatment by focusing on personal experience and accountability.

Core programs in use

Substance Abuse Management Program

Number of sessions: 18 – two program modules (each has nine sessions)
Duration: Approximately 27 hours
Group size: 6 to 12 participants

Program purpose: To teach participants ways of reducing the harm of alcohol and drug use on themselves by changing thinking and behaviour about alcohol and drug abuse.

Violence Prevention Program
Number of sessions: 10
Duration: Approximately 21 hours
Group size: 6 to 12 participants

Program purpose: To teach participants anger management skills and non-violent alternatives in their beliefs, attitudes and habits.

Respectful Relationships Program

Number of sessions: 10
Duration: Approximately 25 hours
Group size: 6 to 12 participants

Program purpose: To provide a pre-treatment programming for men who assault their partners. The program makes offenders aware of:

* Values and beliefs that result in abusive behaviour;
* How abusive behaviour affects women and children; and
* Non-violent skills that foster respectful relationships.

Core programs in development
B.C. Corrections is also developing the following core programs:

* Relapse prevention for sex offenders;
* Educational upgrading;
* Living skills; and
* Cognitive skills.

More information about core programs
Facilitated within groups, core programs have been shown to decrease recidivism (a relapse into crime) over the long run. For more information about core programs, obtain the Corrections Branch brochure “Directing Change: Core Programs in Corrections” by writing to:

Corrections Branch
Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
Victoria BC V8W 9J7

I did not get permission to republish this however, the People of Lumby ought to know what goes on in a prison since the Mayor hasn’t provided this information.

With Permission (http://www.gov.bc.ca/bvprd/bc/content.do?brwId=@20IJ9|0YQtuW&navId=NAV_ID_province)

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