Mar 10 2010

Starving a Hungry Planet

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Let’s support the farmers who are farming plots of land
let’s buy the food that is produced by local farming hands
let us praise this planet for the soil, the sun and rain
and recognize apartheid when it’s sown in seeds of grain

It’s not about the natives who rely on fish to eat
it’s not about the markets or the changing price of wheat
it’s not about the climate change from burning fossil oil
it concerns the cost of planet earth for corporate control

Let’s not pay any farmers for the chemicals they use
or fish farms growing sea lice that are toxic to produce
and let’s be sure that all the fish that’s shipped from warehouse stores
is not the fish from farming fish polluting inlet shores

We won’t forget the products gassing soldiers in the war
or nitrates used to arm the guns for countries getting more
we won’t forget the bodies of the millions who died
when we eat the food that is produced with roots in pesticide

So let’s keep farmer’s farming for the urban dweller’s life
let’s not force farming incomes out of poverty and strife
let’s not import the migrants for the farmer’s farm to own
and let us stop apartheid by the farm where it is grown

So let’s support the farmer’s who still farm the land by hand
and let’s protect our oceans and the wild fishing stands
’cause farming food for profit with economies of scale
grows a corporate apartheid on a planet that’s for sale

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