Jan 16 2011

Harold Brown and Paul Douglas – passed on

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by Priscilla Judd on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 12:22am

Paul Douglas – flute player and Harold Brown – pianist lived 1,000 kilometers apart. Both were elderly. They spent many years playing the most beautiful music – music to the perfection of life on Earth – Years ago in Vancouver, they played concerts and made recordings; Paul on flute with Harold accompanying. Eventualy Paul and his family moved to the Kootenays.

Harold was the Music director at the Unitarian Church for many many years – until his sight left him.

Paul (my friend) died New Year’s eve and Harold (my uncle) died this evening … sad
Perhaps now they will play for Angels…

I understand there will be a memorial service for Paul in the Kootenays and one in Vancouver as well.

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