Mar 04 2010

Georgia Straight article

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If you just linked in from the Georgia Straight article – welcome and thank you Mr. Pablo for a writing this story. I’ll try to address some of the comments posted below your article.

I think there is a certain justice in taking salmon already fished and canned and sending it to those who, through no fault of their own, waited in vain for salmon to return to their traditional fishing grounds. This is not a long term solution but when people need food we must do what we can to try to prevent starvation. What salmon there is belongs to the people who have relied on salmon forever.

It has been suggested that native people have enough money to buy salmon but I wonder what it would cost to purchase 200 sockeye salmon fresh caught from Alaska where the salmon returned in good numbers? Apparently, 200 salmon are generally caught, dried and eaten by one family over the winter months. It’s not hard to see how hunger reared it’s ugly head.

There are no food banks or grocery stores in the wilderness on the Banks of the Frazer and even if there were, boxes of pasta, cans of soup and other processed food cannot replace salmon that made up half the traditional Native diet. Canned salmon is not a solution, it is one way to help others.

I will continue to help by participating in the Cohen Commission because the best solution is to ensure healthy salmon stocks return to the Frazer River. I have signed Alexandra Morton’s letter to the Fisheries Minister to keep salmon high on the Government agenda – you can do that too – just click this link. I asked the Government to replace the salmon but then I read about the fish farms – I was so disgusted that I asked the SPCA to investigate the cruelty of keeping thousands of salmon in lice infested conditions.

I just know that everyone wants clean water and healthy salmon, farmed or wild. We all do what we can.

As to “by the looks of those fancy trucks SUV etc something smells fishy” I agree, social inequality is very fishy. Lots of people have fancy trucks, our Prime Minister flies around the world in a fancy jet and we still need to donate to the food banks because lots and lots of people are hungry.

Yesterday I bought more cans of salmon but it wasn’t for me. I’ll eat salmon when they are again plentiful in the Frazer River.

Thanks for doing what you can – speak up for salmon – sign a petition or start a food drive – pick ups and drop off can be organized. Leave a comment too…


  1. Kim Poirier

    Thank you Priscilla, for your efforts. An excellent, proactive idea! I too, have kept close watch of this disaster that is unfolding before us. I am SO frustrated that governments (all levels) continue to ignore us, cast doubt on scientific evidence, and then drag their feet all the way to extinction of the species, both wild salmon and indiginous peoples. I think its actually the goal. Then, they can let the multinationals have at ‘er, so to speak.

    Also, I am increasingly alarmed by the tone being set in comment threads. Either A) people have literally been brain damaged by our toxic environment, or B) people are getting hate filled, (or is it fear?) and believing the PAB/corporate media, or C) The government public affairs bureau itself is writing the racist, disrespectful diatribes I’m seeing in all the papers. It would be interesting to get the IP addresses of these commentors.


    1. admin

      Thanks Kim
      I believe it may be intended to divide the public. To keep us apart and fighting. Historically, that method (divide and conquer) has been used keep the oppressed down and the oppressors up.


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