Mar 01 2010

Shortage of Salmon

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Yesterday Canada won the gold medal hockey game. All right! Canada is very proud of our athletes and their great performances. Canada is a great country.

Our government has almost finished proroguing the voice of our elected members and I hope the problem of starving people on the Frazer river will not prorogued in our parliament.

Here is a link to a story that mentions both Finn Donnelly and Tracy Samuelson and the impending problems without salmon for the native people.

One family needs about 200 salmon to survive a winter. The first Nations people have been been eating like that forever. It is not hard to see how these people could be starving when the salmon is fished at the mouth of the Frazer.

Finn Donnelly has been working on this throughout the prorogued session and I know he is trying to get some help.

I have not heard from the other Ministers but Collin Mayes sent my info to the proper place and so did the Honourable Gerry Ritz. I just know in my heart that our elected officials care about Canada’s Native people.

I don’t know who is reading my blog – but there have been lots of readers so I know lots of people care.

We send our hope to the Siska Band and we have 14 cans of salmon collected for the next delivery.

Thanks Canada for your great Olympic performance in sport – let’s see one for social justice..

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  1. Kim Poirier

    My MP Keith Martin also spoke out in parliament, demanding a public inquiry.

    Many people don’t seem to realize that indigenous people have been eating salmon for protein for centuries and to change to foreign proteins would have a deletorious effect on their health outcomes.

    I think the commercial fishery should have been suspended at least 5 years ago. As should open net fish farming and the herring fishery. It might not have been necessary at that point to interrupt the native fishery. Now, we’re going to have to cease and desist from fishing all together. Think we can raise that kind of political will?

    Hi Kim,
    I have looked at several things re: fishing.
    The native people have a historical right to fish for food before anyone else and they have a right to fish in the commercial fishery too. The Japanese are challenging this in court as a raced based policy.

    Do you think that the first traditional right should be with traditional fishing methods?

    The people up the Frazer who waited in vain for salmon would benefit if traditional methods were used downstream. Traditional native fishing allowed enough salmon to pass though their weirs(?) so that others could fish upstream and so that the fish could spawn.


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