Jan 03 2011

Lumby – Village polluting Bessette Creek

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Village of Lumby
PO Box 430
1775 Glencaird Street
Lumby, BC
V0E 2G0

For Discussion with Councilors

Mayor Acton and Village Councillors:
I have concerns with the way in which Lumby is managing it’s sewage. The sewage lagoon is situated in the Bessette Creek riparian area where wild salmon return to spawn. The Lumby sewage system regularly discharges sewage into the Bessette Creek. I heard from an eye witness that she walked the Bessette over 30 years ago and it was discharging raw sewage (toilet paper and human faeces) at that time – people are seeing this situation again.  It’s time to clean up our act!  The municipality has until the 14th of January to apply for the a grant to upgrade sewage facilities through the Towns of Tomorrow Provincial grant – I hope you are doing something toward that end.

I am also concerned with Lumby discharging treated sewage into the Bessette. I live downstream but if you take a minute and think about it – we all live downstream! This is a one planet closed system – we can’t just buy some clean water from some other planet.

I am submitting my request that the village stop discharging sewage and pursue the installation of alternative solutions such as Vegetated Sand Beds – A zero carbon footprint – natural wastewater system.  If you are having economic problems please consider including the rural areas into the Village or downsizing the Village to a rural district to share the cost of infrastructure.

Here: http://www.bidnetwork.org/page/132624/en#investment

You will see the cost of a VSB installed in South America to clean up cyanide from Gold mining ($258,000 US funds)  In Lumby, municipal workers could be used for labour and someone would be trained to maintain it.

When you go to the website – think about generating industry for Lumby in this same way – I hope to participate in the Economic Development Committee with the intent to develop and co-ordinate a website aimed at funding small (or large) developments in Lumby and area.

For more info on VSBs go to:  http://costingthefuture.org   and   http://newswet.org

Thank You
Priscilla Judd

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