Jan 02 2011

Lumby Sewage – pollutes the Bessette ’cause it’s “permit”ed

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Here’s part of an e-mail I received on Lumby’s sewage system:

“You mention that Lumby’s sewage may be leaching into the Bessett Creek and from what I have seen its more like a permitted discharge by the govt. due to Lumby’s poor sewage planning.

Witnesses have just told me that they have seen scads of untreated sewage this week (Toilet paper and Turds) on the frozen ice edges of Bessett Creek and I asked for photos and will be looking more for it.

This is outrageous given their could possibly still be Coho spawning??

Time for Lumby to Clean Up its act NOW for the benefit of all concerned!

I have called the Mayor on it before and he has stated that if no one complains nothing will be done!

Perhaps you can apply some pressure from your end and we will as well from here.
Apparent Lumby has no funds to correct for poor planning (according to the Mayor) so the govt should step forward because of the threat to all down stream since they have been issuing discharge permits.

Properly treated sewage discharge into any stream is still BAD as far as I am concerned, however untreated discharge is really really really stupid!

Silver Star is apparently discharging as well into trinity valley which ends up in Bessett as well.

We will be meeting in the new year to discuss and implement local strategies for improvement.”

Write to the Village and ask them th fix the sewage system.


  1. christinelyttle

    I grew up in Lumby and now live near the Red Deer River. We are losing our eco system here, too, and people everywhere should remember the importance of our resources, mainly water. This past summer, I did not even go in the river for a swim, it was so dirty due to pollution;first time in 5 years. Smarten up, people.


    1. admin

      Hi Christine,
      I agree completely – Smarten up! Let’s hope the people in Government who can do something are listening.
      If you have a few minutes check out the Vegetated Sand Beds – zero carbon footprint – no electicity – no chemicals – a more efficient and less expensive wastewater treatment than conventional sewage systems
      (cleans up after oil and gas, mining, farm waste and dump lecheate) Lumby’s Mayor knows about this system.
      Vegetated Sand Beds are cleaning up pollution in over 100 places in the third world – but here in BC, the Government issues a permit so the Village can dump sewage into the Bessette!


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