Sep 28 2011

The NGO – re-posted – revised from 2010

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The more I look at why people are starving – why the salmon are gone – the more it seems the NGO’s and Government can’t solve the problem.

In early history, Canada was ordered to keep “good government”. Good for whom or what? In the best interest of the citizens?

Today, Government decisions are made in the interests of “money”, consulting business, pollsters, stakeholders and NGOs. NGOs like to be seen as the “conscience of government” but NGOs are often funded by government and other special interests including the maintenance of their own organization – they too act in the interest of money. NGOs are another level of bureaucracy representing their own self interest and often – they usurp the citizen’s right to be heard.

When was the last time an NGO set themselves up to resolve a problem – resolved that problem – then closed up shop and went home? NGOs need a problem to keep themselves going. NGO’s point fingers and confuse matters. NGO’s get information with a limp hand – not enough of a hand to fix a problem but enough of a hand to get information to write papers and statements in the press. The NGO must appear informed.

Citizens don’t need special funding to exist – we don’t die or become obsolete if Government funds are channeled into making the ocean clean. Right now citizens, are free to express themselves on matters that interest them – I reject any demand by NGOs for more laws, more regulations, more regulators, more enforcement. In other words – more bureaucracy.

More bureaucracy means more ways for the “interests of money” to get what they want – to exploit commonly held resources (water, wood, minerals, fish etc) for cheap and sell it back to us at high prices. I think most of us have noticed that plutocracy is the new world order. The rich get richer and the rest of us pay for what’s left over.

As for lost salmon? The NGOs and Government have been doing something about that problem for the past 25 years. They did something about the Cod in Eastern Canada too. Citizens want that circle of failure to stop. Citizens want clean water and they want their salmon returned.

The only response I’ve seen to the salmon problem is government funding for hearings, inquiries, lawyers, round table discussions, reports and recommendations. Funding for corporate laws that protect polluters. Funding to NGO’s that cause rifts between citizens of this Province. As for the experts – I don’t believe any of them.

Experts (and NGOs) are paid for their opinions and provide so much information that it tends or intends to confuse. Experts disagree and blame everyone but themselves. These expert “stakeholders” enjoy getting together for a conference at taxpayer’s expense – they get paid to have discussion. The NGO agenda does not seem to include fixing a problem and putting themselves out of business.

The largest stakeholder group in Canada with the largest membership is a group called Canadian Citizens. We are the largest special interest stakeholder group in the country. We are more important, have more clout than any NGO in Canada. We have a right to good government and to voice opinions on matters of public interest. Citizens – speak for yourself.

When one citizen stands with another and another and together they raise their voices for clean water and healthy salmon – It’s powerful! It’s direct democracy and it leads to good government for the people and the environment. When millions of individuals stand up and demand clean water and healthy salmon – believe it – we’ll get it.

One concerned citizen is doing something about wild salmon – Alex Morton is not an NGO and we can support her – stand beside her – join Alexandra Morton who is standing up for salmon until the fish farms get out of the ocean – then, Alexandra will go back to her home by the sea – she will gladly put herself out the business of raising awareness of fish farm pollution. After 20 years speaking out for wild salmon, Alexandra has given her precious years to the environment. You have all my admiration Alexandra Morton.  Thank you!

So come on people – speak up – speak out – walk the walk!


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  1. Kim Poirier

    I don’t care who knows that I stand up for the largest “Stakeholder” group in Canada. Excellent blog, Priscilla, your voice is perfect, loud and clear, and educated! I notice alot lately, when governments say they are consulting stakeholders, they actually mean the corporate lobby, big business and maybe a token native band. Then, they ignore the native stakeholders and act on behalf of their corporate donors and masters.

    This happened with the Jordan River land grab too, nobody consulted the population. And the Fish lake giveaway. Go to this link. He has an excellent grasp on what’s going on here.
    And thanks, I’ll be back!


    1. admin

      Hi Kim,
      Citizen does not seem to exist in Corporate Government language. “stakeholder” refers to those with an economic interest in matters at hand. Now, our only value to Government is the money we contribute to fund billion dollar bailouts and security for International affairs. We have been downgraded to “taxpayer” severed from our human qualities, fashioned in the corporate image.

      Being called “taxpayer” serves the corporate masters (Fraser Institute et al) to make us feel comfortable when corporations get the vote.

      Consequently, I am making a conscious effort to remove corporate language from my vocabulary.


  1. belief | theXpress

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